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Hunthill to the Present w/ notes - by Gary Rutherford Harding

The early genealogy of the Rutherfords of Roxburghshire, i.e. the first 12 generations, is notoriously problematic with its many gaps, but enough information suggests a credible line of descent from Robert de Rodyrforde to James Rutherford II. The work of Kenneth Rutherford Davis, "The Rutherfords in Britain: a history and guide" 1987, has a remarkable sense of clarity concerning this period in the family history – 1140 – 1498. He documents the people, places and events as no other Rutherford chronicler. For that reason, I’m using Davis’ work as a backbone for an expansion of "The Rutherfords in Britain: a history and guide" as applied to the Rutherfords of Hunthill and their relations with other Scottish Borders families. This is a work in progress – a work of ethnology not genealogy.

The Rutherford descent down through the "Rutherfords of Chatto and Hunthill" to Northern Ireland and America.

1 - Robert de Rodyrforde – Roxburghshire, Scotland

2 - Gregory de Rothirforde – Roxburghshire, Scotland

3 - Hugo de Rodirforde – Roxburghshire, Scotland

4 - Nicholas de Rothirforde I – Roxburghshire, Scotland

5 - Nicholas de Rothirforde II – Roxburghshire, Scotland

6 - Aymer de Rotherford – Roxburghshire, Scotland

7 - Richard de Rutherfurde I – Roxburghshire, Scotland

8 - William de Rutherfurde – Roxburghshire, Scotland

9 - Richard Rutherford II – Roxburghshire, Scotland

10 - Alan Rutherford – Roxburghshire, Scotland

11 - James Rutherford I – Roxburghshire, Scotland

12 - James Rutherford II – Roxburghshire, Scotland

........In Chatto and Hunthill ........ 

13 - Sir George Rutherford of Chatto – Roxburghshire, Scotland

14 - Sir Robert Rutherford of Chatto – Roxburghshire, Scotland

15 - George Rutherford I of Hunthill – Roxburghshire, Scotland

16 - William Rutherford of Hunthill – Roxburghshire, Scotland

17 - George Rutherford II of Hunthill – Roxburghshire, Scotland

18 - John Rutherford I of Hunthill – Roxburghshire, Scotland

19 - William Rutherford of Littleheuch – Roxburghshire, Scotland

20 - William Rutherford of Nether Nisbet – Roxburghshire, Scotland

21 – Capt. James Rutherford of Nether Nisbet – Roxburghshire, Scotland

22 - Rev. Samuel Rutherford of County Monaghan, NI

…….In America…….

1 - James Rutherford Sr. of NJ and PA

2 - James Rutherford Jr. of Cub Creek, VA

3 - William Rutherford of Bedford County, VA

4 - William Rutherford of Lincolnton, NC

5 - David Rutherford of Washington County, IN

6 -  William Rutherford of Washington County, IN

7 - William McKinney Rutherford of Marion County, IA

8 - William Francis Rutherford of Marion County, IA

9 - Albert Loyd Rutherford of Marion County, IA

10 - Betty Jeanné Rutherford of San Diego, CA

11 - Gary Rutherford Harding of Seattle, WA

The Roxburghshire inventory of the Royal Commission on Ancient Monuments for Scotland includes (No.441) a late mediaeval carved stone panel built into the north-west wall of Hunthill House: "At top and sides there are little paterae; the upper corners contain rosettes and the lower ones sprays of foliage. The shield is charged: Within an orle, three Passion nails and in chief three martlets, for Rutherford of Hunthill and Chatto".  

== == ==  

Generation 1

- 1. Sir George Rutherford and Jonet Rutherfurd
'Georgius de Rutherfurde, scutifer' witnessed at Edinburgh shortly before February 29, 1413/4 a charter of Sir Thomas Home of Home who received a grant of Wedderburn by Archibald 4th Earl of Douglas (GS II N.189) and on July 7, 1414 another charter by the earl to Michael de Ramsay at Lochmaben Castle (Ib II N.70). 

David Hume - 1st Baron of Wedderburn son of Sir Thomas Home of Home

"He got from Archibald earl of Douglas a grant of barony of Wedderburn, county Berwick, in 1413, which received a royal confirmation 19th April 1430. He was knighted by King James II in 1443. He and his wife, Alice, had an additional charter from the superior, Archibald, 4th Earl of Douglas, confirmed by royal charter, dated at Stirling, 16th May 1450." 

1384 Archibald attacks Lochmaben castle - Archibald leads an assault on Lochmaben Castle in Annandale, and expels the occupying English garrison.

1388 Archibald inherits the earldom of Douglas.

1400 Archibald dies at Threave Castle on Christmas Eve

== == == 

"Castles and Keeps of Scotland" 
by Frank Roy Fraprie
Published by Barnes and Noble, Inc. - ISBN 1-56619-087-8

Lochmaben, the hereditary home of the Bruces, which, with its outworks, covered sixteen acres, was the most powerful castle on the Border, and was, before the invention of gunpowder, all but impregnable. By its location it was the key to southwestern Scotland, and the scene of many conflicts. It stands on a flat peninsula which juts into Loch Maben. Across the isthmus are the remains of a deep ditch, through which flowed the waters of the loch, converting the site into an island. Within this ditch are a second, third and fourth, all of which except the last were crossed by movable drawbridges. The fourth ditch, about twenty feet wide, flowed under the two side walls of a forecourt through arched openings which were presumably defended by bars or gates. Thus access to the castle was had only by boats, and the main gate, opening on the ditch, was commanded by all the four walls of the court. 

When Bruce obtained the throne he gave the castle of Lochmaben to Randolph, Earl of Moray. The English conferred it on the Bohuns, Earls of Hereford, and when Randolph returned from captivity in France in 1335, he "found William Bohun in his own castle of Lochmaben, and bearing sway over all his own lands of Annandale."

In 1384 the Earl of Douglas and Archibald Douglas, Lord of Galloway, raised a formidable force to take vengeance on the garrison, who had wasted their lands, and, capturing it, drove the English out of Annandale. 

1384 - Anglo-Scottish truce expires; Scots retake Lochmaben and Annandale, and Teviotdale (except for Jedburgh, Roxburgh, and immediate surroundings of these). John of Gaunt launches retaliatory invasion.

1385 - Large French force arrives in Scotland to conduct joint attacks on England. Heavy raiding of northern England; Richard II invades Scotland. Truce follows, and is renewed for three years.

1406 - A last power-struggle, then Albany/Douglas party emerges dominant in Scottish politics; Robert III dies; James I captured en route to France.

1408 - Final rebellion of earl of Northumberland; he and Bardolf defeated and killed.

1409 - Scots of Teviotdale capture and destroy Jedburgh Castle. In 1409 the Earl of March resigned Lochmaben to the Regent Albany, who gave it, with the lordship of Annandale, to the Earl of Douglas.

1413 - Death of Henry IV. Succession of Henry V.

1415 - Henry V resumes the war in France, takes Harfleur and defeats the French at Agincourt. An intense phase in Anglo-French war ensues. 4th earl of Douglas burns Penrith; the English burn Dumfries in response.

1417 - Vigorous campaign to conquer Normandy by Henry V. Albany and Douglas joint assault on Roxburgh and Berwick fails.

1419 - Large Scottish force arrives in France to help against the English. Assassination of John, duke of Burgundy by rival faction of the dauphin, future Charles VII of France.

1421 - Battle of Bauge. Scottish force prominent in important defeat of the English in France.

1422 - Death of Henry V. Succession of Henry VI.

1423 - Franco-Scottish force heavily defeated at Cravant. Scottish reinforcements are sent for.

1424 - James I returns to Scotland; Anglo-Scottish truce and ransom arrangements. Scottish army in France destroyed at Verneuil; 4th earl of Douglas, minus a few body parts, finally killed.

The Douglases defied the king's authority in 1450, and James II besieged and took Lochmaben, which was confiscated five years later, at the attainder of the Earl of Douglas. Thereafter, until the Union, it remained a Crown possession.

== == == 

"The Scottish Nation" William Anderson vol. 2, pg 483 

"Of the numerous branches of the Home family, the earliest, as well as the most powerful and prolific, were the Homes of Wedderburn, whose courage and savage cruelty have already been noticed. Their founder was Sir Thomas Home of Thurston, second son of Sir Thomas Home of Home, who obtained, in 1413, from Archibald, Earl of Douglas, a grant of the barony of Wedderburn, and became the ancestor of the Homes of Polwarth, Kimmerghame, Manderston, Renton, Blackadder, and Broomhouse. David Hume of Godscroft, author of a 'History of the House and Race of Douglas and Angus,' was a cadet of this line. The Homes of Blackadder, as we have seen, were descended from John Home, one of the 'Seven Spears of Wedderburn,' who married the heiress of the estate......"

"George Rutherfurd was a witness to a charter by Archibald, fourth Earl of Douglas, to David Hume of the lands of Wedderburn in 1413. He received the lands of Nether Chatto, South Scharplaw, Eddyllcluch and Hangandschaw in 1424 from the Earl of Douglas, the lands having been forfeited by Thomas Chatto."

Scots Peerage - Vol. 7, 1910, pg 369

- - -

In 1424 Alexander Home died at the battle of Verneuil in France with his master Archibald, 4th Earl of Douglas. In 1433 the Homes turned Coldingham Priory into a fortified camp ousting William the 'Red' Douglas from being 'Protector' there (the 'Red' Douglas being an enemy of the 'Black'). 

- - -

Archibald "The Grim" 3rd Earl of Douglas defeated the English garrison at Lochmaben Castle and in so doing removed the last of the English Army in Annandale. Archibald died at Threave Castle in 1400.

'Georgius de Rutherfurde, scutifer' received the lands of Nether Chatto, South Scharplaw, Eddyllcluch and Hangandschaw in 1424 from the Earl of Douglas, the lands having been forfeited by Thomas Chatto. 

ROBERT of Chatto (c.1410-1490/5) who acquired Hunthill by marriage had confirmation of his late father's gift of Nether Chatto November 21, 1429 from Archibald Earl of Douglas, as his dear esquire (RCh)

Brothers Alexander Hume and David Hume were 'Conservators of The Truce' between Scotland and England in 1451.

Sir Thomas Home - father of Alexander and David Hume
grandfather of Alexander Home
b. 1355, Berwickshire, Scotland
m. Pepdie, Nichola 1379
d. 1427

i. Home, Sir Alexander
ii. Home, Sir David 1st Baron of Wedderburn
iii. Home, Patrick of Rathburn
iv. Home, Elizabeth
v. Home, unknown

Burke's Peerage, Page 1276 

"living 8 Feb 1385, ...acquired the Barony of Dunglas in East Lothian by marriage ..." [Nichola Papedi] brought him the Barony of Dunglas, whence he quartered her arms with his own. The first on record of this family was Sheriff of Norham Island in 1110. A seal mentioned in Raine's Durham with a single popinjay. 

"History of Dunbar Hume and Dundas from Drummond's Noble British Families" William Pickering, London 1846 

- - -

George Rutherfurd of Chatto was a witness to a charter by Archibald, fourth Earl of Douglas, to David Hume of the lands of Wedderburn in 1413.

"He got from Archibald, Earl of Douglas, a grant of barony of Wedderburn, county Berwick, in 1413, which received a royal confirmation 19th April 1430. He was knighted by King James II in 1443. He and his wife, Alice, had an additional charter from the superior, Archibald, 4th Earl of Douglas, confirmed by royal charter, dated at Stirling, 16th May 1450."

[The Scottish Nation, by William Anderson on page 483.] "El origen y la historia" page 11 indicates Sir David Hume born 1413 and died 1469.

Sir David Hume of Wedderburn got from his father the lands of Thurrston, and from Archibald Earl of Douglas, a grant of the Barony of Wedderburn in the County of Berwick, and a confirmation of it by the King, in 1413, for his military services, and who also appointed him his scutifer. He was Knighted by King James II in 1448, and appointed one of the Commissioners to treat with the English in 1449. He was Knight of the Golden Order. MSS. Hist. Died 1469. 

"History of Dunbar Hume and Dundas from Drummond's Noble British Families" William Pickering, London 1846  

David Hume married Alicia Douglas. Alicia Douglas was born in Berwickshire, Scotland and died in Wedderburn Castle, Berwickshire, Scotland.

Alicia Douglas 
father: Archibald "Tyneman" 4th Earl of Douglas
born 1382 Thurstan, East Lothian, Scotland
died before May 1469
children: Sir David Home (Hume)
born about 1407 Wedderburn, Berwickshire, Scotland
died before 16 May 1450

- - -

Douglas, Archibald, 4th earl of Douglas, 1369–1424, Scottish nobleman, called Tyneman [loser]; 2d son of Archibald Douglas, 3d earl of Douglas. In 1390 he married Margaret Stuart, daughter of Robert III. He held Edinburgh against the English when Henry IV invaded in 1400. In 1402 Douglas was tried and acquitted of the murder of David Stuart, duke of Rothesay, heir apparent to the throne. Later that year Douglas led a Scottish army against the English and was taken prisoner by Sir Henry Percy at Homildon Hill. He was then induced to join the Percy conspiracy against Henry IV, but at the battle of Shrewsbury (1403) he was taken prisoner by Henry and held until ransomed in 1408. From 1412 to 1422, Douglas continued his border warfare against England and was a member of several delegations of Scottish nobles who tried, unsuccessfully, to ransom their young king, James I, from the English. In 1423 he and his Scottish contingent joined the French against the English. He was made lieutenant general of the French army and duke of Touraine. In 1424 the allies were defeated at Verneuil, and Douglas was slain.

- - -

Eventually, in 1424 Prince James, now King James I of Scots, returned to Scotland. In that same year the 4th Earl of Douglas, ally of the Stewarts of Albany, was killed in France at the battle of Verneuil. In the confused aftermath of his death King James moved quickly, sending Robert Lauder to seize Edinburgh castle from the 'Black' Douglases. Then, when the time was right, the Duke of Albany was arrested, taken from his home of Doune castle near Stirling to St Andrews castle for a mock trial then down to Caerlaverock castle in Dumfries by the new 5th Earl of Douglas, who unlike his predecessor was in subjection to his King. Albany's son Walter was taken to the Bass castle by the Lauders, his wife the Duchess of Albany was imprisoned in Tantallon castle's dungeon by the 'Red' Douglas and his father-in-law, the Earl of Lennox, was held at Edinburgh castle, also by the Lauders.

The stage was set for James's revenge. The Duke of Albany, his son and his father-in-law were all reunited at Stirling castle, then beheaded. Bizarrely the three heads were taken first to the Bass castle, then the Lauders shipped them to Tantallon castle where the 'Red' Douglas in turn threw the heads into the dungeon beside the Duchess in an effort to drive her insane.

- - -

Lochmaben Castle, Dumfries and Galloway - Black Douglas stronghold. It is on the southern shore of Castle Loch, to the south of Lochmaben in Dumfries and Galloway District Council Area. Thought to have been built by the English, its proximity to the border resulted in it being captured and recaptured on many occassions. A seat of the Bruce family, it is claimed that Robert the Bruce (King Robert I) was born here, a claim disputed on behalf of Turnberry Castle in Ayrshire. Granted royal castle status in 1455, it was rebuilt significantly by James IV although it was finally besieged by James VI in 1588 and has since fallen into disrepair. 

Lochmaben Castle, dating from the I3th century, where local tradition declares that Robert Bruce was born

- - - 

from KRD chapter 1: On December 11, 1436 James Rutherford laird of that Ilk had sasine at Linlithgow, with Alexander Home of that Ilk, of the late Sir Robert de Lauder's lands at Aldcathy, Linlithgow, after the service of Mariota, Beatrice and Christian daughters of John Lauder (d.1421) and his wife Katherine as granddaughters and heirs of Sir Robert (MS 12, App VIII, 78-9, 109, 120-1). James had evidently married one of the young ladies. Each of them, and Marion Lauder who married Sir Alexander Home, succeeded to a quarter of Crailing, Hownam and Swinside....Wedderburn was one of those properties.

Sir Alexander Home - father of Lord Alexander, 1st Lord of Home
Burke's Peerage, page 1276 - "the adherent of 4th Earl of Douglas..."

Sir Alexander Home was taken prisoner at the battle of Homildon in 1402. David was about to accompany Douglas to France, and Alexander accompanied him to the ship, when Douglas cordially embracing him, said, "O Alexander, I never could have believed that anything should have separated us;" upon which, Alexander replied, "Then let nothing ever separate us;" and persuading his brother David to return home, he left him in charge of his children, if anything should befall him: he accordingly accompanied the Scottish forces under the Earl of Douglas to France, and lost his life with his leader at the Battle of Verneuil in 1424.

"History of Dunbar Hume and Dundas from Drummond's Noble British Families" William Pickering, London 1846 

- - -

Lord Alexander, 1st Lord of Home of that Ilk

The Scottish Nation, by William Anderson on page 480. 
"Died betwixt 14 May and 16 Jun 1491."

SOURCE: Burke's Peerage, page 1276
1st Lord Home, 2 Aug 1473. Ambassador to England, 1439.

Sir Alexander Home was one of the guarantees of a treaty with the English, and Warden of the Marches in 1449. He founded the Collegiate Church of Dunglass, confirmed by charter in 1450, and died in 1456. His uncle took so good care of his estate during his minority, that he established his two brothers in good properties also. This, however, did not hinder furious family disputes breaking out between them, about the lands of Auldcambus, and the right to the jurisdiction of Coldinghame. Alexander seems to have had no right to it whatever, but it was submitted to arbitrators, who severely reprimanded Alexander, the son, for acting so unjustly to his uncle, and in taking possession of Auldcambus, which, nevertheless, they left in his hands; and gave half of Colinghame to him, and reserved the power of interpreting any doubt in their decree to themselves, and it was transcribed in the archives of Cockburnspath. But this did not end the feud, for Alexander seized eighty sheep and thirty-five oxen belonging to David, and the tiends of Thurston, which he sold, and complained that ambush was laid for him by Drake the prior, as he was returning from Stirling. James Earl of Angus undertook to settle the quarrel, and made David apologize for laying wait for the prior, who was in Alexander's company, ordered Alexander to restore the cattle, and neither party to molest the monks of Coldinghame. (Godscroft, MSS. Hist.)

"History of Dunbar Hume and Dundas from Drummond's Noble British Families" William Pickering, London 1846

Alexander married Marion Lauder, daughter of John Lauder and Katherine de Landells, bef. 11 Apr 1426

Alexander also married Elizabeth Montgomery, daughter of Alexander Master of Montgomery. 

1. Lauder, Marion
Marion married Lord Alexander Home 1st Lord Home, son of Sir Alexander Home and Jean Hay, bef. 11 Apr 1426 (Lord Alexander Home 1st Lord Home was born in 1407 and died after 1490.) 

Home, Alexander+
Home, John Prior of Coldingham
Home, George of Ayton
Home, Patrick of Fast Castle
Home, Helen+
Home, Katherine+
Home, Nicholas

2. Montgomery, Elizabeth
Home, Sir Thomas of Langshaw
Home, Nicholas
Home, David

Home, Lord Alexander 1st Lord Home 20
Born: 1407
Marriage: (1): Lauder, Marion Bef. 11 Apr 1426 94
Marriage: (2): Montgomery, Elizabeth 
Died: After 1490

- - -

Sir George Lauder, of Haltoun, (d.c1425), Provost of Edinburgh. He married Helen, daughter of Archibald, 4th Earl of Douglas (d.1424, France); he was Provost of Edinburgh in 1413/14, 1426/7 and 1430, and from him descend the Lauders of Haltoun and, ultimately, through the female line in 1652, the Earls of Lauderdale. Sir George gave a charter of the lands of Burngrange and Whitelaws near the Royal Burgh of Lauder to his son, Sir John Lauder, who subsequently took those designations. Sir George also commenced the use of the Lauder of Haltoun arms, which were the same as those of the ancient family with the difference being that the griffin held in its right paw a sword with a saracen’s head upon it;

Sir Robert Lawedre of Bass, eldest son, who was alive before 1364 and, in 1370, witnessed a charter granted by his father, Alan, and was Retoured as his heir on 20th March 1407. By 1384 he is mentioned in a charter as Lord Justice of Scotland, and Froissart mentions him as "a renowned hero" being present at the battle of Otterburn on the 19th August 1388. He received payments from the customs of North Berwick in 1413-15 and 1420. This Sir Robert also took part in the battle of Nesbit Moor in 1402 where he was taken prisoner by the English. He does not appear to have had that status for long as he had a charter confirmed to him in May 1411 and on 15th June that year he had a safe-conduct from King Henry IV to pass into England. In 1406 King Robert III sent his young prince, later King James 1st, with the Duke of Albany to the safety of Sir Robert Lauder’s castle on the Bass from where that prince later left for France, only to be captured by English pirates. 

In 1424 Sir Robert had a safe-conduct as a hostage for James 1st at Durham and upon James’ return to Scotland the King consigned his traitorous cousin Murdoc, eldest son of the Duke of Albany, to the Castle of the Bass, payments for his keep being made to Sir Robert Lawedre. Tytler states that Sir Robert was a firm friend of the King and that he was one of the few people whom James I admitted to his confidence. C.A.B Lawder (1914) and Scottish Supplications to Rome name this Robert’s wife Annabella. The Lauder of Bass arms, which differ in colour only from the original Lauder arms were adopted by this Sir Robert to distinguish the new branch of Lauder of Bass. In addition, these arms also carry a double tressure, possibly being granted because of Sir Robert’s friendship of the King. He died before December 1425 leaving by his wife Annabella:

John, younger of Bass, d.1421, m: Katherine, heiress of William de Landells, with issue four daughters:

i. Beatrice

ii. Elizabeth, (d.before March 1470) married Home of Crowdy

iii. Mariotta or Marion, married before 1426 Sir Alexander Home of that Ilk, 1st Lord Home, ancestor of the Earls of Home

iv. Christian Lauder, married about 1424 James Rutherfurd of that Ilk , ancestor of the Lords Rutherfurd. By this marriage the Rutherfurds gained the Lauder lands of Arbirlot, Newton and Cuthlie near Arbroath in Forfarshire.

- - -

The connexion with Chatto began when, soon after Thomas Chatto's forfeiture in 1424, the earl gave George charter of Nether Chatto, South Sharplaw, Eddyllcleuch and Hangandshaw (SP, not in MS Milne Home as quoted). He is said to have married Jonet Rutherford, and died before February 6, 1429/30, the date of an indenture between Jonet relict of George Rutherford of Chatto and Patrick son of Robert Lorraine lord of Homylknoll (RCh). 

SP repeating Hood absurdly gave his issue as below, all except his heir obviously placed much too early: 

In 1424 James I returned to Scotland; Anglo-Scottish truce and ransom arrangements. Scottish army in France destroyed at Verneuil; 4th earl of Douglas, minus a few body parts, finally killed…….hence [?] Thomas Chatto's forfeiture in 1424?

--2. ROBERT of Chatto, his heir, below. 

--2. ADAM master or prior of a fraternity of anchorites at Sandystones in Over Ancrum (RCh) who, said Hood, gave George Rutherford of Longnewton 140 acres there that were forfeited but later held for his heir by William Rutherford 'brother-german to the laird of Hunthill', tutor of Longnewton (llkH Iv).But the date is incredibly late for a son of George. Hood's crude guesswork, without documentary authority, put the prior and George of Longnewton at least a generation too early.

--2. GEORGE of Longnewton, ancestor of that branch (later called of Fairnington) and according to Hood of the Knowsouth family (both in Chapter V), was seriously antedated. 

--2. WALTER of Kidhugh (Chapter V) may be fictitious but if he existed must also be of a later generation. 

--2. KATHERINE (llkH xxxvi) m. William son and heir of William Cockburn of Henderland and had joint charter of Sunderland Hall, Selks., July 20, 1474 (GS II N.1180). 

Christian Murray, m. William Cockburn, of Henderland.

Walter Scott of Synton, Co Selkirk
m 1st, Majorie, dau of William Cockburn, of Henderland

Again the date is inconsistent with a dau., and if she was of this family- for which there seems to be no evidence - she might be a sister of George I or William of Hunthill. 

--2. HELEN m. Sir Thomas Borthwick of Colylaw and Bourhouse, Berws., third son of William second Lord Borthwick. She must have married after 1473 for she is not in his charter then (GS II N.1130). She was alive in 1503 (Ibll N.2759). Again dates imply a later generation, perhaps a sister of Katherine if she came of this family.

son of: William de Borthwick
b. abt 1407 at Borthwick Castle, Midlothian
d. abt 1483
grandfather William de Borthwick

Borthwick Water lies between Selkirk and Roxburgh, and between 1357 and 1367 Thomas de Borthwick received a grant of lands near Lauder in Berwickshire. In 1420 Sir William Borthwick was Captain of Edinburgh Castle. His son William was made Lord Borthwick in about 1450. William, 4th Lord Borthwick, was killed in the Battle of Flodden in 1513, after which his son, William (d.1543), took responsibility of the young King James V in Stirling Castle. 

George's successor ROBERT brings us to a problem previously overlooked, not simply because we are obliged to conclude that he lived c.1410-1490/5, an unusually long time in the Middle Ages. Since Andrew's parents married in 1500 we must put his father's birthdate c.1475, his grandfather's c.1455 at latest, his greatgrandfather George I of Hunthill's c.1435, and so Robert's c.1410, assuming early marriages and the survival of elder sons, for records prove the succession went from father to son throughout. The real difficulty is that George I must have been the son of Robert's wife Margaret whose father gave them a charter of Hunthill in 1465 about thirty years after the birth of their son. Such a gift so long after their marriage would be strange; perhaps Sir Simon Glendinwin's deed was a regrant. 

1 - Archibald Douglas, 3rd Earl of Douglas ("the Grim", d 24.12.1400)
m. Johanna Moray (d c1407, dau (or possibly widow) of Thomas Moray, Lord of Bothwell)

2 - Archibald Douglas, 4th Earl of Douglas, Duke of Tourraine (b c1372, d Verneuil 17.08.1424)
m. Margaret Stewart (dau of John Stewart, King Robert III of Scots)

3 - Archibald Douglas, Earl of Wigtown, 5th Earl of Douglas, 2nd Duke of Tourraine, 1st Count of Longueville (b c1390, d 26.06.1438)
m1. Matilda Lindsay (dau of David Lindsay, 1st Earl of Crawford)
m2. (c1424) Euphemia Graham (d c10.1468, dau of Sir Patrick Graham of Strathearn)

4 - William Douglas, 6th Earl of Douglas, 3rd Duke of Tourraine, 2nd Count of Longueville (b c1425, dsp 24.11.1440)
m. (before 1440) Jean (or Janet) Lindsay (dau of David Lindsay, 3rd Earl of Crawford)

4 - David Douglas (d 24.11.1440)

4 - Margaret Douglas ("the Fair Maid of Galloway")
m1. William Douglas, 8th Earl of Douglas (d 1451)
m2. (divorced 1459) James Douglas, 9th Earl of Douglas (d 15.04.1488)
m3. (1460) Sir John Stewart of Balveny, 1st Earl of Atholl (b c1440, d 19.09.1512)
3 - Sir James Douglas (d Verneuil 17.08.1424)

3 - Mary Douglas (b c1390)
m. (1406-7) Sir Simon Glendonwyn of Glendonwyn (b c1378, d 1437)

3 - Elizabeth Douglas (d c1451)
m1. (1413) John Stewart, Earl of Buchan (Constable of France)
m2. Thomas Stewart, younger of Mar and Garioch (dvpsp by 1435)
m3. William Sinclair, 3rd Earl of Orkney, Earl of Caithness, Chancellor (d before 03.1482)

3 - Helen Douglas
m. Alexander [George] Lauder, 2nd of Haltoun [Hatton?]

Generation 2

--2. Robert Rutherford of Chatto 

who acquired Hunthill by marriage had confirmation of his late father's gift of Nether Chatto November 21, 1429 from Archibald 4th Earl of Douglas, as his dear esquire (RCh), with Crown confirmation March 25, 1439 (Ib; not in GS). 

In November 1437 with four leading kinsmen he was on the retour at Jedburgh of Sir William Douglas of Drumlanrig as heir in the East Mains of Hawick (DB III? 371). On July 13, 1464 he and his wife Margaret had a grant of lairs (burial places) in the choir of Jedburgh Abbey from the abbot (MS 7,736). Hood's statement that by 1434 the choir was divided among the Rutherfords for burial was unfounded (IlkH lxi). 

The seal on this grant of burial in Jedburgh Abbey is from a later time and is that of Cardinal Beaton who was not cardinal in 1434.

- - -

Robert Rutherford
b. abt 1414-1440 at Chatto
m. [1]  Margaret Glendonwyn
married in Roxburgh, Scotland
daughter of Sir Simon Glendonwyn of that ilk
b. abt 1424

"Philip Nisbet de eodem married Elene Rutherfuird, the second daughter of Robert Rutherford of Chatto, by his wife Margaret, daughter of sir Simon Glendonwyn of that ilk." 

The names of their children who have been traced are:

i. Adam Nisbet

ii. George Nisbet, who purchased the lands of Dalzell, in the county of Lanark

In 1489 Sir Philip of Nisbet of that ilk served upon an inquest held at Edinburgh. He received on 11th June 1497 a crown charter "of the lands of Pewtoun and the howss thereof liand near the zettis of Nisbet." In 1506 he had a crown grant to himself and his wife, Elene Rutherfuird, of the ten merk lands of Brygeamschelis, the five merk lands of Argaty, and the five merk lands of Easter Argaty, in the sheriffdom of Berwick. He was one of the representatives of the county of Berwick in the parliament held at Perth on 26th November 1513. On 2nd May 1517 he received a liferent grant of the £10 land of Manderston in Berwickshire, which had fallen to the crown by the forfeiture of Alexander Home of that ilk. The last notice observed of him is as witness to a charter by John Swinton of that ilk to Marion Home of certain lands in the county of Berwick in liferent, 21st October 1522.

Adam Nisbet, eldest son of the preceding, married Lucie Rutherfurd, daughter of George Rutherfurd of Hundalee. The names of their children who have been traced are:

i. Philip Nisbet

ii. George Nisbet

Adam Nisbet and his wife received on 20th May 1502 a crown charter of the lands of Auchinhay, in the stewartry of Kirkcudbright. On 14th May 1523 he was served heir to his father in the lands of Nisbet, Otterburn, Over and Nether Raecleuchs, and Mordington. He was witness to a conveyance by Stephen Tailyefeir, merchant burgess of Edinburgh, to George Cairns in Nuntoun and Mariote Makcullock, his spouse, of the lands of Myddilthrid de Kirkcormack in Kirkcudbrightshire, 5th December 1524. He supported the red Douglases in their struggle with king James V., and on 16th April 1529 he, with his son Philip, was put to the horn for non-compearance to a charge of intercommuning with and assisting Archibald, earl of Angus, George Douglas, his brother, and Archibald Douglas, their uncle (Kilspindie), in their treasonable deeds. He was again denounced for assistance rendered to Archibald, earl of Angus, in raising the siege of the castle of Newark. He appears to have met a violent death in 1530, as on 22nd June of that year a respite is granted to Matthew Hamilton, son to Robert Hamilton in Mylneburn, and Duncan Dundas, brother to James Dundas in New Liston, for airt and pairt in the slaughter of Adam Nisbet of that  ilk.

Philip Nisbet of that ilk married (1) in November 1524, Mariota Hoppringill, daughter of the deceased William Hoppringill of Torwoodlie; and (2) Isobel, daughter of David Hume of Wedderburn and his wife Alison Douglas, sister of Archibald (Bell-the-cat), fifth earl of Angus and d/o Archibald, fourth Earl of Douglas. The second alliance no doubt explains the assistance given by the Nisbets to the Douglases in the struggles of the latter with king James V. 

[Alexander Nisbet's "Heraldic Plates, Originally Intended for his System of Heraldry, Lately Found in the Library of William Eliott Lockhart, Esq. of Cleghorn, Now Reproduced with Introduction and Notes, Genealogical and Heraldic." Edinburgh: George Waterston & Sons, MDCCCXCII.]

Robert served on another Douglas retour at Jedburgh in January 1464/5 (MS 7, 728). To judge by his heir's approximate birthdate Robert married Sir Simon Glendinwin's daughter Margaret long before December 12, 1465 when the knight gave them charter of lands 'in the west part of the town of Scraisburgh, and the lands commonly called 'le Hunthil' - from which their descendants took their designation, for a render of a pound of pepper or 3s. to Simon, five marks to the abbot of Jedburgh and 40s. to the king for castle ward (GS II N.899). Robert remained styled 'of Chatto'. He witnessed at Dryburgh Abbey in June 1468 an agreement between James Rutherford II of that Ilk and others dividing part of the Lauder inheritance (MS 12, App V!II, 121), and at Edinburgh in May 1471 a charter by William Lord Abernethy to Walter Ker"(MS 14, App III, 21). With a George and a Richard, no doubt his sons, he was on the retour of John fourth Lord Maxwell at Jedburgh in April 1486 (Caer II, 443). [see below]

-1. Adam de Glendonwyn of Glendonwyn
m. (c1342) Margaret Douglas b c1325, d by 07.1377
d/o Sir John Douglas of Lothian who was murdered by Sir David Berkeley in 1350 - Sir John Douglas was the brother of Sir William Douglas, knight of Liddesdale, otherwise well known as "The Flower of Chivalry"

The Glendonwyns are a sept of the clan Douglas

--2. Sir Adam de Glendonwyn of Glendonwyn (d before 26.04.1407)
m. Margaret de Wauchope d/o Alexander de Wauchope

---3. Sir Simon Glendonwyn of Glendonwyn (b c1378, d 1437)
m. (1406-7) Mary Douglas d/o Archibald Douglas, 4th Earl of Douglas, Duke of Tourraine

----4. Sir Simon (William) Glendonwyn of Glendonwyn and Parton (a 1455)
d. abt 1476
m1. (before 03.01.1436-7) Agnes Helborn/Hepburn
m2. Elizabeth Lindsay d/o Alexander Lindsay, 2nd Earl of Crawford

Sir Simon was highly esteemed by King James II, of Scotland. 

m1 - before Jan 3, 1436-7 to kinswoman Agnes Helborn or Hepborn
m2 - another kinswoman, Lady Elizabeth Lindsay d/o Alexander, 2nd Earl of Crawford [see pedigree below]
m3 - Marjory Johnstone, survived him.


i. Simon died. in battle, May 1, 1455
ii. John - heir
iii. Alexander was in the French king’s Scottish Guard
iv. Archibald
v. Matthew died before Feb 16, 1492
vi. Margaret married Robert Rutherford of Chatto

-----5. Margaret Glendonwyn
m. Robert Rutherford of Chatto a 1484, d before 05.1495

- - -

Sir David Lindsay - 1st Earl of Crawford
b. abt 1360, d. Feb 1406/7
m. 22 Feb 1374/5, Princess Elizabeth Stewart of Scotland
b. abt 1362 d. 1437
Elizabeth [Katherine] Stewart
Parents: Robert Stewart II King of Scots and Euphemia Ross


i. Sir Alexander Lindsay - 2nd Earl of Crawford -  Ambassador to England in 1430
b. abt 1387, d. aft 31 Mar 1438,
m. by 1410, Marjory (Margaret) Dunbar
b. abt 1389

Elizabeth Lindsay
m. Sir Simon Glendonwyn of Glendonwyn & Parton

ii. David Lindsay of Newdosk

iii. Gerard Lindsay

iv. Ingelram Lindsay bishop of Aberdeen

v. Matilda Lindsay

vi. Marjory\Elizabeth Lindsayb. abt 1389, 
m. Sir William Douglas, d. abt 1421

vii. Elizabeth Lindsay
Father: Lindsay, David of Crawford, Earl of Crawford 1st, b. abt 1360
Mother: Stuart, Elizabeth (Catherine)
m. Sir Robert Erskine 1st Lord Erskine 
aft 20 Dec 1400 in Brechin, Scotland

i. Thomas Erskine 2nd Lord Erksine
ii. Janet Erskine 
iii. Christian Erskine

Robert leased from the Crown the Midstead of Windydoors (Wyndedurris) in Ettrick Forest. (The Exchequer Rolls mention a contemporary Robert (p. 146) with whom he has been confused though their children had different names, they held different properties, and whereas Robert of Chatto was always so described the other had no designation). In September 1484 Windydoors was let to Robert and his son George (ER IX, 609); the tack was renewed in 1486,1488 and 1490 (Ib IX, 619; X, 652, 680) but Robert probably died before March 4, 1491/2 when the lease was to George and his son William (Ib X, 738). He certainly died by May 1495. By his wife Margaret daughter of Sir Simon Glendinwin of that Ilk and his wife Elizabeth, daughter Hood said of a Lindsay Earl of Crawford, [see below]

The Murrays had three castles Elibank Castle, Windydoors Castle built in 1455 and Trinity Knowe.

Robert had issue: 

---3. GEORGE I of Hunthill, his heir, below. 

---3. RICHARD of Glennysland (Chapter V). According to Hood and SP Robert also had: 

----4. ROBERT of Chatto, who seems fictitious (Chapter V). ????

---3. MARGARET m. Hugh [John] Wallace of Craigie and had joint charter of Thuriston and Woodhall, Renfs., Sept. 22, 1505 (GS II N.2883). The date however means a later generation, and if really of this family she might be a sister of George II of Hunthill. She was presumably the Dame Margaret who raised letters of citation against James Kennedy and another executor of the late Katherine Kennedy, lady of Cragy, at Ayr in Dec. 1520 (Ros N.437).  

"Sir John Scot vicar Hawik procurator and in name of his brothers and others against Alexander Tait, lord of Pirne procurator and in name of Katherine Ruthirfurd lady as above...of his own free will granted...that the said William Scot inhabited and manured..."le forest steid" called "Craggischank" and received the benefits of the same... throughout a period of 12 weeks. Sir John Scot) asked instrument before witnesses." 

"Selkirk Protocol Books 1511-1547" Book D, The Protocol Book of John Brydin 1530-1537.  Pg 143, d-7, Tait Scot

- - -

John Wallace was son to William Wallace of Craigie, procreat betwixt him and Margaret Kennedy, daughter to the Laird of Bargany. He had only one sister, who was married to Allan Lord Cathcart. The said Margaret Kennedy, his mother, was thereafter married to Gilbert, Earle of Cassilis, by whom she had two sons; Gilbert the Earle, and Sir Thomas, Tutor of Cassilis, of whom is descended the family of Culzean, and three daughters, the eldest whereof married to the Earls of Orkney, the second to the Lord Gray, and the youngest, to the Laird of Barnbarrow. William Wallace was son to John Wallace of Craigie, begotten by him upon Dame Isabell Campbell, daughter of the Lord Loudoun. He had with her four sons: John, Robert, Thomas and Michael. 

John Wallace of Craigie was son to John Wallace, stiled the good Laird, begotten by him upon Margaret Rutherfoord, daughter to the Lord Rutherfoord. He had three brothers, Alexander, who went to the north of England and married the heiress of Bemlie, which is a considerable family to this day, lineally descended from him. The second, called Robert, was a Collonell in Germany, and killed without leaving any issue. The third was Mr Thomas, a Master of Arts, and one of the Professors of the University of St Andrews. He married a citizen's daughter there, upon whome he begatt an only son, called Thomas, who in his younger years was page to King James the Fifth, and thereafter servant to Queen Mary, and in great respect with her. 

This Kennedy family is the same family as Bishop James Kennedy's line, founder of College of St. Salvator, St Andrews University

- - -

"It was found in the year 1492 that the lands of Mekie Blackburn in the barony of Crawfordjohn were part of the lordship of Calderwood, and as such should be possessed in right of her terce by Margaret Rutherfurde, the widow of Sir John Maxwell of Calderwood, knight."

1st wife of Sir John Maxwell of Calderwood: Janet Boyd
m. (before 7/20/1454) Sir John Maxwell of Calderwood (d 1490)

Robert, 1st Lord Boyd, married Mariota (or Janet), daughter of Sir John Maxwell of Calderwood, and had issue. Thomas, Master of Boyd, created Earl of Arran, who married the Princess Mary, sister of King James III. 

Printed by Turnbull & Spiers, Edinburgh, 1928

During the War of Succession the manor of Pencaithland was forfeited and was granted by Robert the Bruce to Robert DE LAWDER. Why he was dispossessed is not known, but Sir John MAXWELL is soon shown as the overlord, granting the advowson of the church to Dryburgh Abbey, along with an annuity from his Pencaitland lands. This was confirmed by William Landal, the Bishop of St. Andrews, in 1343.

The Rutherford history states the following:

Sir Alexander Home married Marion Lauder daughter of John Lauder, granddaughter of Sir Robert de Lauder. Along with her sisters; Mariota, Beatrice and Christian each of the 4 [and their husbands] received 1/4th of the Crailing, Hownam and Swinside estates. On December 11, 1436 Lord James Rutherford and Lord Alexander Home held sasine at Linlinthgow. This according to "Historical Manuscripts Commission, 12th report, App VII, 78-79, 109, 120-121. The assumption, since Swinside remained a Rutherford holding, is that Lord James Rutherford had married one of the other Lauder sisters; Mariota, Beatrice or Christian.

---3. HELEN m. Philip Nisbet of that Ilk and had joint charter of Birghamshiels, Berws., Jan. 20, 1506/7 (GS II N.3028; HT III, 233), a date far too late for a dau. of Robert. 

Adam de Nisbet was, no doubt, the "Lord of Nisbet" who, with the Prior of Coldingham,  was deputed by Parliament in 1467 to return the rents of barons in the shire of Berwick for  taxation. He was on the service of Alexander Home, of Home, as heir to his father in 1456, and had a charter to himself and his wife, Lucy Rutherford, of the lands of Auchintray in 1502. He had a son Philip.

On 16th April, 1529, Adam and Philip were denounced as rebels for assistance given to  Archibald, Earl of Angus. This was immediately after the siege of Tantallon. Adam was murdered by Mathew Hamilton, son of Robert Hamilton, of Mylneburne, and Duncan Dundas, brother german of James Dundas, in Newlistoun. Philip Nisbet, of that ilk, is mentioned in the records of Parliament as one of the lords of the General Council held by King James V. at Perth, or Scone, in 1513. He had charters of the lands of Brighamshiels to himself and his wife, Helen Rutherford, in 1505 and 1506. He had issue Sir Patrick Nisbet, George, and Thomas. Sir Patrick Nisbet married Isobel, daughter of David Hume, of Wedderburn, but appears to have died without issue. 


Generation 3

---3. George Rutherford I of Hunthill 

omitted by Hood, shared his father's lease of Windydoors until 1490, but in March 1492 the tack was to him and his son William. He had sasine in 1494 of Nether Chatto, Sharplaw, Edilliscleuch and Hangalldshaw (ER X, 769) wherein he was served heir to his father May 2, 1495, and had sasine of Scraisburgh and Hunthill October 9 that year (RCh). He was on an assize with his father in 1486 and seems to be the man who had sasine in 1476 of the lands of Scheildawlan and Langham, Dumfs. (ER IX, 677); this evidently concerned Hunthill since a royal grant July 27, 1532 to Robert Lord Maxwell [from Sir Simon's & the Douglas line] included £5 of Langholm and 14 marks of 'Schield of Dawblane' in Eskdale that were then claimed by Roger Kirkpatrick of Knok, the lords of Ruthirfurd and Hunthill, and the heirs of John Armstrong (GS II N.1199). 

Robert Maxwell - 4th Lord Maxwell
b. 1493/4, d. 9 Jul 1546,
m. Aft 4 Jul 1509, Janet Douglas

George's lairdship was short as he died between October 9, 1495 and some time in 1496. His wife was Mariota and his only known child was his heir William, but some of the above ladies attributed to earlier generations may have been his daughters. WKR wrongly gives a daughter Elizabeth who married Richard Rutherford of Edgerston. 


----4. WILLIAM of Hunthill (c.1455-?1507) - also unknown to Hood as George's son was joint tenant of Windydoors in 1492 and had sasine of Nether Chatto and related properties in 1496 (ER X, 772).

Generation 4

----4. WILLIAM of Hunthill (c.1455-?1507) - also unknown to Hood as George's son was joint tenant of Windydoors in 1492 and had sasine of Nether Chatto and related properties in 1496 (ER X, 772). His gift of the reversion of Castlewoodfield in 1503 to Thomas Rutherford of Edgerston was mentioned in the previous chapter. No more is known of him except that he died before November 1507 when his son was served heir. 

Some of the ladies noticed above as placed too soon might be his daughters, but his only known children were: 

-----5. GEORGE II, his heir, below. 

-----5. ARCHIBALD* canon of Jedburgh, ancestor of Andrew first Baron Rutherford, Earl of Teviot, below. The tradition in his branch was merely that their ancestor was brother to a laird of Hunthill; although SP guessed he was George II's son dates make it clear he was William's son, for the canon's son Professor John was born c.1515, not long after John Rutherford I of Hunthill who must have been the professor's first cousin. 

Generation 5

-----5.  George Rutherford II of Hunthill 

whom Hood called John was served heir to his father in Nether Chatto etc. November 2, 1507 (RCh; EdgCh). He was probably the George who attested a Peeblesshire charter of David Lindsay in January 1508/9 (GS II N.3315) and the juror at a Douglas retour at Jedburgh in May 1509 (MS 7, 730). 

David Lindsay was the nephew of Sir Simon Glendonwyn. David's parents Alexander Lindsay - 7th Earl of Crawford and Isobel Campbell were the brother of Sir Simon's wife; Elizabeth Lindsay.

A Crown charter September 6, 1510 to Ninian Glendinwin excepted Hunthill and the west part of Scraisburgh which were confirmed to him (GS II N.3503). 

John Glendonwyn of Glendonwyn & Parton, eldest-surviving son of Sir Simon & Lady Elizabeth Lindsey, succeeded to Parton in 1478. John married c.1460 Agnes, daughter of Robert 2nd Lord Maxwell & wife Janet, daughter of Sir John Forrester of Corstorphine. John died 1510.

Isabel Elphinstone m 1st David Lindsay of Dunrod[above] and m 2nd Robert Maxwell of Calderwood [above]

A. Bartholomew, eldest son married before July 12, 1492, Margaret, daughter of Sir John Gordon of Lochinvar.

B. Simon slain in the Kings service in 1504.

C. Ninian (by John’s 2nd wife Elizabeth, daughter of William 2nd Lord Sinclair & wife Christian Leslie (daughter of George 1st Earl of Rothes.)

Ninian Glendonwyn of Glendonwyn & Parton, eldest-surviving son of John, received in 1512 the baronial lands of Glendonwyn in Dumfriesshire, Scotland. Ninian married 1st, daughter of John, 4th Lord Maxwell, Katherine. 2nd Janet Dunbar before Dec 5, 1528, daughter of Sir John of Mochrum  & Catherine Maclellan. Ninian died, in 1541. son John (by Katherine)

D. Adam (by John’s 2nd wife)

E. Janet (by John’s 2nd wife) married Gilbert Grierson.

At Edinburgh on May 18, 1516 he signed a bond of manrent to Alexander Lord Home, subscribed also by Thomas of Edgerston and John of Hundalee and witnessed by his brother Archibald (MS 12, App VIII, 92). Apparently he died in 1522 as in 1528 Chatto had been in the king's hands for six years, no doubt because his heir was a minor. He had a dispensation to marry his kinswoman Elizabeth Turnbull, dated at Rome June 3, 1500 (Edgerston papers). 

He had at least three children: 

------6. ANDREW (c.1508-1529), his heir, a memorandum of 1523 related held the west half of Scraisburgh and the lands called Hunthill from Ninian Glendinwin of that Ilk, rendering dues for castle ward (ER XV, 608) . SP misprinted 1525 as the date of his sasine of Nether Chatto and other lands after they were in the king's hands for six years; the Exchequer Rolls entry under July 23,1529 said this was 'on the last day of August in the 15th year of the reign', i.e. 1528 (ER XV, 668). Andrew was the laird who in March 1524/5 swore to serve Angus as Warden (APub 218). Before November 24,1527 he became the third husband of Helen Rutherford of that Ilk (GS III N.577), and on her resignation he had charter August 20 (IlkH xxxvi 29th), 1529 of Capehope which stayed with his family (GS III N.821), but he died three months later as Chatto was in the king's hands from Martinmas 1529. His short marriage was childless. 

------6. JOHN I, below, succeeded Andrew. 

------6. WILLIAM who in 1544 was tutor to William Rutherford of Longnewton (IlkH xxxvii) Hood said m. Christian dau. (Ib) or sister (HCh) of Christopher Armstrong of Mangerton. 

6th Laird of Mangerton-- Alexander Armstrong

1. Thomas Armstrong (7th Laird) 
2. John Armstrong of Gilnockie
3. Christopher Armstrong of Langholm - Christopher Armstrong was born in 1525 in Barngleish, Dumfrieshire, Scotland. He died on 22 Sep 1606 in Barngleish, Dumfrieshire, Scotland. Parents: John Armstrong and Elizabeth Graham. married to Gorthe Catherine Graham in 1545 in Barngleish, Dumfrieshire, Scotland. son: William Armstrong 
4. George Armstrong
5. Alexander or Andro Armstrong
6. Robet Armstrong
7. William Armstrong

No more is known of him, but if Richard Rutherford the Provost of Jedburgh who was 'cum of the hous of Hunthill' was not a brother of John II of Hunthill - which one would expect to be recorded - he is likely to have been William's son, since there is hardly any other place for him. Hood's chart put as John I's sister Elizabeth who married Richard Rutherford of Edgerston; in fact she was John I's daughter. Some men who may have been closely related appear on record. A deed concerning Helen Rutherford's grant of Capehope to Andrew in August 1529 was witnessed 'at the place of Hunthill' by CHARLES and MICHAEL, the' former perhaps the man mentioned under Edgerston (p. 30). A Michael had letters of remission and protection in 1535 (PS II N .1677, 1732). 

According to a pedigree recorded at the Visitation of Northumberland in 1552 and repeated in several northern histories, the second wife of Thomas Carnaby of Halton was Margaret 'daughter of Edward Rotherfort of Huntyll' who bore him many children (SS 122,23,29; also 1563 in Harl. Soc. 16, 48). It seems extraordinary that the Carnaby family's recollection could be mistaken about such a recent fact, but this lady's letters of denization dated April 21, 1524 called her the daughter of Edward, Marshall of Scotland (LP 4,125 from Pat. Roll). 

Generation 6

------6. John Rutherford I of Hunthill 

"Who succeeded in 1529 was then a minor, as the Treasurer's accounts for 1530 mention a composition for his relief and marriage (HT V, 344). On March 12, 1529/30 he was seised of Nether Chatto and other lands and four marklands of Scraisburgh that were in the king's hands since Martinmas (ER XVI, 520). 

As Andrew's brother-german he had sasine of Scraisburgh and Hunthill May 28, 1530 from the superior, Ninian Glendinwin, from whom next day he and his wife had a charter of eight marklands in west Scraisburgh (RCh). A royal charter he had on April 6, 1535 of Blackhaugh alias Midstead of Windydoors (GS III N.1463) was revoked in June 1536 when it was granted to George Hume of Wedderburn (Ib III N.1593), but John claimed it in 1541 (ER XVII, 705). Glendinwin gave John charter of the barony of Scraisburgh by purchase March 20, 1536/7, no doubt the superiority (GS III N.1655). 

In 1538 'Hownthill' was a 'syser' (assizer) at a March meeting at Cocklaw (LP 13, N.241), and that year accused of aiding Robert Rutherford and George Rutherford called Cockbank, outlaws (IlkM 61). Hunthill was badly affected by Henry VIII's destructive invasion in the 1540s, but since all the leading Rutherford families suffered details of the events appear in Chapter IX. It may be noted here, however, that on June 20,1544 'the greatest town in Tevidale called Skraysburgh, a town of the lord Hunthylle's' was sacked; the place now ranks as a deserted village. In October 1545 John subscribed at Linlithgow a band against thieves and traitors, despite his enforced assistance to the English (ParI II, 461). As late as January 1548/9 the laird of Hunthill was in touch with England and sent a message about developments in Scotland (Ham II, 630); yet secretly, as on March 8 next he had Crown gift of Sir Nicholas Rutherford of Hundalee's forfeited tithes of Ancrum (PS IV N.153). On October 27, 1549 he received pardon for treasonably helping England (Ib IV N.464). Ignoble though his actions may seem by modern standards, after scant consideration from the Crown the Rutherfords might reckon English justice could be no worse; in any case they were at the mercy of English power and compulsion to collaborate. 

John served on an assize over Longnewton in June 1550 (GS IV N.482) and at Edinburgh in December 1552 signed an agreement about raising troops for France (PC). For the next twenty years his name features regularly in Privy Council business. On January 21--'22, 1553/4 he- 'with my hand led at the pen' - and his kinsmen of Edgerston, Hundalee and Longnewton gave assurances to Walter Ker; John Rutherford of the Know was surety for Hunthill's sons, while the laird and others, told to enter pledges in Edinburgh Castle 'under pane of tressoun', were sureties that Adam and Charles Rutherford would not escape from the city, and the Kers undertook to keep Hunthill and his family unharmed. John took the Protestant side, binding himself at Edinburgh in April 1560 'to set forwrd the reformation of religion. . . expel the French. . . and take plain part with the Queen of England's army (CSM I, 383). The Council's hopes of peace were unfulfilled. Hunthill confessed in December 1561 to breaking a band for suppressing theft and punishing thieves, although given the names of men he should apprehend and send to the justices. Yet in the summer of the previous year an agreement to end longstanding bad blood with the Kers was signed at Ancrum on June 6, 1560, providing for the settlement of the murder of Andrew Ker of Corbethouse by John Rutherford and his friends; John's second son William was to marry Haufie Ker or pay £500, and John younger of Hunthill had to beg pardon for the deed in church (IlkH lxxx). Meanwhile there was another dispute with the Traquair Stewarts over Capehope which Helen Rutherford brought to her husband's family. John Stewart had letters under the signet November 8, 1555 to prevent the sheriff serving Hunthill heir to his brother in the barony of Capehope (Ib lxxxvii), but eventually on June 17, 1558 he was served heir (ER XIX, 430). Hunthill escaped the Council's notice awhile but in June 1565 he was told to enter pledges and obey the Warden of the Middle Marches (MS 14, App III, 31). Again accused of not prosecuting lawbreaking servants, he and Sir Thomas Ker of Ferniehirst were in September charged to surrender to the Warden, Sir Walter Ker, men named in English complaints, in order to relieve the Warden's servant Thomas Ker who was a prisoner in England. Meanwhile John subscribed a band by the barons and gentlemen of Teviotdale. He and Ferniehirst remained disobedient and their quarrel with the Warden was heard by the King and Queen on October 27, when a severe line was taken as Thomas Ker was still held in England 'for the bills of Newtoun Ailname and John Scott's bill of Vowlar'. The miscreant lairds were ordered to deliver two of their men or themselves to the Warden and stay in Edinburgh until they found as sureties local burgesses or landed men in case the men were not handed over (PC) . 

Hunthill was allowed home to arrange to relieve the Warden but Ker had to enter the Castle; if the Warden's servants were not quickly freed Hunthill had to surrender and both lairds would be sent to England. The culprits were not produced but as a 'day of trew' (March meeting) was due Ferniehirst was released while Hunthill stayed in ward. The result was failure but in December John younger of Hunthill and Sir Thomas undertook to relieve the sureties. Soon Hunthill was summoned to advise on a quarrel over the provostship of Jedburgh (PC). The Warden's complaint that his goods worth £37.19.0 sterling were seized to meet Robert Scone's bill filed against two Englishmen was heard by the Council at Jedburgh on November 5, 1566. Although one of the accused in the Warden's hands had been freed he maintained Hunthill should find the money since he promised to produce the defaulter or pay. Both parties addressed the Council who decided that if necessary the claim should be met by apprising Hunthill's goods. A reason for Hunthill's antagonism towards the Warden came out when he successfully claimed that several years before Sir Walter had filed some of his tenants named in English complaints, but although they were guiltless the Warden put him to the horn till he 'behuvit to speir' the ill doers - who despite innocence had long since made redress! - yet the Warden kept the decree of outlawry alive 'thinkand of malice to troubill' him. Thc Scone case ended in October 1569 when Hunthill agreed to pay up. In May 1567 he ignored a summons to 'advise on the ordering of the Middle Marches and establishing justice and quietness' but at Kelso in April 1569 he signed a band for Border peace (PC). In May 1570 'Hunthyd' was burnt by an English raid (CSM III, 197). Not for the first time John needed English goodwill, and Lord Mar was persuaded to intercede for him with the Earl of Sussex in June and July (Ib lII, 220, 262). On February 12, 1571/2 John and his heir signed the Jedburgh band to rise against the king's enemies, especially Sir Thomas Ker; he confirmed this at Edinburgh in January 1572/3, and on August 28 next, his hand again guided, signed the Band of Roxburgh at Jedburgh to the king and Regent Morton (PC). As of Hunthill, elder, he subscribed at Dalkeith on Christmas Day 1574 a bond of manrent to Archibald Earl of Angus (DB III, 266). In July 1575 the regent heard that hawks stolen from an Englishman were in Hunthill's house (CSM V, 201). John joined his leading kinsmen in December 1576 to intervene on behalf of George Rutherford of Longnewton in his dispute with Douglas of Lochleven (Mort I, 82) and the following February his fine of £100 for killing John Ker of Corbet 18 years before was remitted (HT XIII, 380). A charter of March 9, 1576/7 to John, younger of Hunthill, shows that his father was alive, but old John died early in 1577 for when his heir had sasine in May 1578 Hunthill had been in the king's hands for a year and a term (ER XX, 529). 

John I married twice: first, before May 1530, Christine Hoppringle (RCh); and by 1555 Isobel daughter of Sir Walter Ker of Cessford (llkH lxxxvii; HCh gave only Isobel).

David Hume 3rd Baron Of Wedderburn
wife: Isabella Hoppringle
b. 1457, Wedderburn, Berwickshire
d. 9 Sep 1513, Age: 56

The Pringles of Whitsome were adherents of the house of Douglas, and held the office of scutifer, or squire, to the earls of that name. Robert Hop Pringle of Whitsome was present, in that capacity, with James, second earl of Douglas, at the battle of Otterbourne in 1388, where the earl was slain. From Archibald, third earl of Douglas, lord of Galloway, styled the Grim, he received a charter of the lands of Smailholm, Roxburghshire, in 1408, as well as a grant of the lands of Pilmuir and Blackchester in Lauderdale, which remained for nearly three centuries in possession of the family.

By these he had: 

-------7. JOHN II 'the Cock of Hunthill', his heir, below. 

-------7. WILLIAM* , second son in the 1560 pact with the Kers but omitted by SP, who was to marry Haufie sister of James Ker of Corbethouse, was undoubtedly William of Littleheuch, below. 

-------7. STEVEN took part Jan. 26, 1580/1 in a raid led by the Earl of Angus on Heathpole, Northumberland, and 'committit a great and notable attemptat, in prejudice of the peace and amy ties, and in high and manifest contempt of His Hienes' (PC). He was charged to appear before the Wardens, and signed an obligation to Angus May 23, 1582 (DB III, 281). In Oct. 1593 he and his brother the laird and nephew Thomas were denounced for recent raids on England, but Steven of Chatto who was a fugitive from justice Feb. 1616/7 was probably his nephew (PC). 

He had two sons: i-ii. JOHN and WILLIAM tried at Edin. for the death of Thomas Bell in England; the verdict Dec. 19,1606 acquitted John but found guilty William who was beheaded (PCT II, 519). 

-------7. THOMAS of Grundisnuke denounced with his brothers in 1593 for raiding. 

-------7. MARIOTA HCh said m. William Rutherford grandfather of the Earl of Teviot below; for this statement no evidence is known. 

-------7. ISABEL m. a Ker of Littledean (llkH xxxvii). 

-------7. MARY m. David Ainslie of Fala (SP). 

-------7. ELIZABETH ('Bittie') m. Richard Rutherford of Edgerston (MS 7, 737); WKR misplaces her as a dau. of George I of Hunthill. 

The Littleheuch line (Capehope and Kirkraw) 

Littleheuch = a small glen with steep sides

This branch produced a candidate on the fourth lord's death in the person of Captain John Rutherford, claiming descent from Richard Rutherford of Littleheuch whom he like Hood took to be a son of John II 'the Cock' of Hunthill. His descent from Richard was sound and his case seems reasonable since there is no doubt that Richard was a grandson of the Cock's father John I. On the extinction of both the main Hunthill line and the Bankend branch the Captain's claim might have been unassailable if all the Cock's children's lines had probably died out; but as he had several sons this may be doubtful. 

Generation 7

-------7. William Rutherford of Littleheuch 

a person unknown to Hood, SP thought was John II's son, but the latter John's son William was a contemporary of William of Littleheuch's sons. John I had a second son William who under the 1560 pact with the Kers was to marry Haufie Ker or pay a penalty, and this must be the Littleheuch William; no other identity for him is tenable, and virtual proof is a reference in 1588 to 'the Lairde of Hunthill's brother' as a night raider waylaying the Morpeth post in England, which suits Littleheuch's behaviour (CBP I, 319). Several records bear out a close connection between William and Hunthill. William joined leading kinsmen in accusing Sir Thomas Ker in August 1573 (PC). 

Sir Thomas Kerr, protector of Mary, Queen of Scots invaded England in 1570, hoping to have her released, but all that resulted was a raid on Scotland, during which Ferniehirst was damaged. James VI destroyed the castle in 1593 because of help given by the family to the Earl of Bothwell. The castle was rebuilt about 1598.

Sir Thomas Ker of Ferniehurst (d. 1586), who, Camden says, was “of an immovable fidelity to the queen of Scots and the king her son..” He was the father of Robert Carr, earl of Somerset, the favourite of James I.

There are several Kerr/Rutherford marriages in this timeframe, most of these were "peace marriages" between the Rutherfords and Kerrs since these two families were generally feuding during the 16th century. The feud was aggrevated with Sir Thomas Kerr of Ferniehurst's support of Mary Queen of Scots at Langside as Sir Walter Cessford [wife Christian Rutherfurd of Edgerston d/o Sir James Rutherfurd] was on the side of James VI. John Rutherford of the Knowe in Nesbit was among those who declared, August 18,1573, that Sir Thomas Kerr of Ferniehirst and his followers menaced the overthrow and destruction of Jedburgh. John Rutherford of the Walls in Nesbit also signed the complaint.

Sir Thomas KERR 
son of Sir John KERR and Katherine Lord of Ferniehurst
fought for Mary, Queen of Scots, at the Battle of Longside in 1568
died at Aberdeen on 31 March 1586 
Chancelor to Mary Queen of Scots 
m(1) Janet KIRKALDY
son: Andrew Lord Jedburgh  d. 1631

He was listed as a 'landit man' about 1590 (PC V, 783) and known to the English as a leading Borderer closely associated with the Cock, evidently his brother; a record of July 1590 called his son Andrew kinsman of the Cock (PC). That year Edward Craster complained that William, the Cock and James Ker of Corbet had not kept their bond for £30 sterling (CBP I, 364) and John Horsley accused William and his sons Richard and Andrew of thieving at Horsley (Ib I, 365). 

In October 1593 he and the Cock were denounced for failing to answer 'concerning sum incursionis maid be thame of lait' into England (PC). A report in 1597 that he and Hunthill were notable malefactors has been mentioned, and his prominence comes out in an accusation that in May 1587 he led 500 men on a raid into England, taking 80 oxen and ransoming 8 captives (CBP I, 357). About 1590 he and his sons were often blamed for reiving (CBP), and in March 1600/1 he was committed to Edinburgh Castle over the Redesdale Hunting incident (CSM XIII Pt 2,792). He was in the pistol fray for which Thomas, younger of Hunthill, was punished in 1601 (PC). He was probably the William who in January 1607/8 was summoned by the English Privy Council to answer such matters as might be put to him; the Scottish Council forbad him to obey, the very day Littleheuch was called before them as a debtor. He may have lived some years longer. 

William had five sons: 

--------8. RICHARD of Littleheuch (c.1570-1634), portioner of Capehope, Sir Walter Scott's 'Dickon draw the sword', whom Hood mistook for the Jedburgh Provost who lived a generation before, was cited with his father over Border forays. As eldest son he appears in December 1596 among Teviotdale pledges to be handed over to Lord Willoughby (CBP II, 230).

On December 6, 1599 Edward Stanhope, writing from York to the Earl of Essex, mentioned 'Richard Rotherford, a man of small living but of action, and cousin german to Earl Huntly (MS Hatfield VIII, 480). The same relationship appears elsewhere when Richard and others were esteemed 'stirring men but of small things' (Ib IX, 17). It is difficult to credit a close blood connexion between Littleheuch's heir and his contemporary George Gordon, sixth Earl of Huntly (1562-1636), although we lack the name of Richard's mother. Nevertheless it is hard to see the point of a pretence when the English could ascertain the truth. 

On March 14,1598/9, again called Huntly's cousin, Richard was one of the prisoners who escaped from a gallery window and leaped the walls of York Castle (Ib IX, 107), but he was retaken (CBP II, 592).

Richard was served heir to his father March 2,1623/4 (Retours Gen. 1117). After his early conduct it rings strange to find him elected in 1622 as chancellor of the sessions, on which he served again next year (PC). In 1633, said Hood, he and his heir John gave consent to Hunthill's gift of sasine to Adam Rutherford of Chatto. It is said Richard died in 1634 (IlkH xlix; SP). He married Lilias daughter of James Gladstanes of Cocklaw and that Ilk (HCh; IlkH xlviii)

Richard's son JOHN of Capehope (c.1605-?1679) m. (cont. Jan. 24, 1626/7; HCh) Eupham dau. of William Gledstanes

Richard's daughter ESTHER m. Walter Gledstanes of the Flex (HCh; ILKh xlviii). 

--------8. ANDREW [see below]

--------8. ADAM too was in the pistol fracas in 1601. Called of Littleheuch, bailie of Jed., in Sept. 1615 he witnessed Robert Rutherford of Edgerston's service as heir. He was at the horn in 1616 for debt and next Feb., still bailie, complained to the Council (PC). His son: 

--------8. ROBERT* called son and heir was horned for debt in 1616 (PC). 

--------8. WILLIAM [see below]

--------8. GEORGE* was accused with his brother Andrew in 1589. Some of these brothers seem to be the men embroiled in 1596 in a feud with Mr Robert Rutherford of Castlewood whose family held land at 'lie Litle Hauch' (p. 133). Their connexion is unknown, but despite Hood's conjecture Robert may have been of Hunthill stock. 

Generation 8

--------8. Andrew Rutherford and/or William Rutherford of Nether Nisbet

The Dictionary of national Biography believed the Presbyterian leader Samuel Rutherford came from a Hunthill branch and noted that his secretary said 'he was a gentleman by extraction' and used the Hunthill arms. He was born at Nisbet in Crailing where his father was a farmer or miller (Fas VII); Tait thought he was the son of either ANDREW in Nether Nisbet or WILLIAM there, both involved in a feud in 1596 (IlkT 44; see pp. 82, 107).

--------8. ANDREW, a persistent Border reiver. In the Warden's court at Alnwick in 1586 Thomas Carr of Felton said he took 4 oxen about midsummer 1585 (CSM VIII, 322). Other cases concerned stealing 28 oxen in Oct. 1587 (CBP I, 357), joining his brother George in taking 14 oxen from Little Houghton in Sept. 1589 (Ib I, 363; CSM X, 153), and with his father and brother Richard raiding Horsley in 1590 (CBP I, 365). As William's son and the Cock's tenant he was filed in a bill of Sir Henry Woodrington and to be charged by the Council in July 1590, and he was Hunthill's surety in Sept. 1591 (PC). 

Sir Henry Woodrington [aka Widdrington] was a colorful character, from a family deeply involved in the centuries-old feuds and reiving of the Scottish Borders. He figures prominently in the Calendar of Border Papers for 1595-1603. He must have been born in about 1570, and was knighted in 1597. His father, also Sir Henry, had been Marshall of Berwick, but died in 1593; his mother remarried, to Sir Robert Carey, the same year. Carey's own father was Lord Hunsdon, who had been Warden of the East March from 1568 until his death in 1596. Henry Woodrington fell out with Lord Ralph Eure, Warden of the Middle March from 1595, and made accusations of malpractice and inefficiency against him that led to Eure's resignation in 1598. 

Lord Eure was succeeded as Warden of the Middle March by Sir Robert Carey, who appointed Henry Woodrington and William Fenwick as his deputies. Carey had married Woodrington's mother, and evidently considered him trustworthy. His trust seems to have been justified. However, the Borders were a violent region, and operated under their own laws. Henry's career as Deputy Warden was quite eventful. For example, in August 1598, Carey sent Woodrington and Fenwick to ride against a Scottish raiding party that was hunting in Redesdale. They pursued them back into Scotland, and in the chase some of the English took the opportunity to pursue private quarrels. Several of the Scots were killed - not an unusual event, but against the law: the pursuit was supposed to stop at the border. The Scots protested vehemently to the English, claiming that Woodrington and Fenwick had ordered the killings. In November, the Privy Council ordered Carey to send Woodrington and Fenwick to Durham, to await trial as prisoners of the Bishop of Durham. Carey complied, but complained bitterly in letters to Sir Robert Cecil that he could not maintain order in the Middle March without his Deputies. The Bishop of Durham, too, seems to have been impressed by Woodrington and Fenwick, and wrote several times to Cecil requesting their release. In December he wrote that their offences had been exaggerated and that "they are men of greater worth than any neighbours they have". In February he wrote of "my guests, or rather (as the world esteems them) my prisoners". Woodrington and Fenwick were eventually released in April, with Fenwick by then very ill from his captivity. 

The Warden of the Middle March on the Scottish side was Sir Robert Kerr, a wily character and a considerable thorn in Carey's side. At one point, Kerr challenged Woodrington to a duel. Woodrington had written to Kerr, complaining that Kerr had lied about him. In reply, Kerr wrote that "I shall on Friday morning next, being the 7th September [1599], God willing, be at the Hayr Crags on the March between England and Scotland by eight hours in the morning, with a short sword and a whyniard, with a plate bonnet and plate sleeves, without any more weapons offensive or defensive; where I wish some spark of courage may make thee appear in the same form." As Lord Willoughby, the governor of Berwick, described the affair on 8 September, "Sir Robert was at the place appointed; the other came not." Sir Henry can hardly be blamed; he was only trying to clear his name of slander, and it was none of his business to enter into blood feud with Kerr. 

Judging from the evidence on p. 134 he was probably father of: 

---------9. JOHN of thc Townhead, Provost of Jed. 

Only in a city would the provost have been called "Lord Provost", and until recent times, automatically received a knighthood at the end of his term of office.

--------8. WILLIAM also at the pistol fight in 1601. 
William Rutherford of Nether Nisbet
b. 1574 at Nether Nisbet, Scotland
Kenneth Rutherford Davis quotes Tait in his book "The Rutherfords in Britain - a history and guide" that William or his brother Andrew was Samuel Rutherford's father. Below I've recorded Samuel, George and James as the sons of William and/or Andrew Rutherford.

Whichever it was fathered: 

---------9. Rev. Samuel Rutherford
---------9. Rev. George Rutherford
---------9. Captain James Rutherford

Generation 9

---------9.  Rev. Samuel Rutherford 
Dr. Rev. Samuel Rutherford
"Father of the Presbyterian Church"
b. 1600 in Nether Nisbet, Roxburghshire
d. 3/29/1661 in Edinburgh, Scotland  
m. [1]  Euphemia Hamilton - 3 children 
m. [2]  Jane McMath - 6 children 

Principal of St Mary's College at St Andrews (DNB; Fas VII) , was educated at Jedburgh Grammar School and in 1617 entered Edin. Univ. where he graduated 1621 and was appointed regent of humanity 1623. The town council of Edin. noted Feb. 3, 1625/6 that he had 'fallen in fornication with Eupham Hamilton' whom he m. in 1626. He studied theology and in 1627 became minister of Anwoth in Galloway. In June 1630 he lost his wife and in 1636 he was exiled to Aberdeen for nonconformitv. but he became Professor of Divinity at St Andrews Jan. 7, 1638/9 and in 1640 m. again.

Then follow two receipts from Samuel Rutherford, Moderator of the Presbytery of St. Andrew to Robert Trail for a contribution from Ely parish to the common cause, consisting of 5 pieces of Gold of Queen Mary, each worth £4, and other money amounting in all to 600 Merk or £400, date 26 June 1640, the second receipt for £100 from Ely parish for the distressed poor of Argyll and a third collection of £60 for relief of some persons of quality from Ireland.

 He was commissioner of the Church of Scotland to the Westminster Assembly in 1643 and stayed four years in London, publishing his major work Lex Rex in 1644. In 1648 he became Principal of St Mary's College at St Andrews where he was appointed Rector of the Univ. 1651. He took an extreme and intolerant view in religion and quarrelled vehemently with colleagues, being 'naturally of a hot and violent temper'. Sasines to him and his second wife of land in Ayrs. and Wigtons. were reg. 1654 (Ro 31). He d. March 29, 1660/1 (Fas noted his tombstone in St Regulus chapel at St Andrews said wrongly 20th); will reg. St Andrews Nov. 22, 1661. He was outlived by only one of at least eight children. 

By his first wife Eupham Hamilton he had: 

----------10. MARIE, bap. Apri114, 1628, d. young. 

By his second marriage Edin. March 24, 1639/40 to Jean MacMath (widow of Hugh Montgomerie of Batharie, c. Down, Ireland) who was bur. Edin. Greyfriars May 16 (Fas said 15th), J-675 he had: 

----------10. AGNES who m. by 1674 (RO 24) William Chieslie of Cockburn, W.S., and had issue, was bur. in the Greyfriars July 29, 1694; her husband d. Feb. 1704 (WS). 

----------10. Six other children d. young. 

Samuel Rutherford was a Presbyterian minister who came from the Hunthill cadet of Rutherfords. His secretary wrote of him "he was a gentleman by extraction" and "used the Hunthill coat of arms".  He was born at Nisbet in what is now the parish of Crailing where his father was a land owner. Tait thought he was the son of either Andrew or William Rutherford of Nether Nisbet. Both men were involved in a feud with the Rutherfords of Castlewood in 1596.

Burial: St. Regulus chapel at St. Andrews
Graduated from Edinburgh University

College principal; university regent of humanity; minister; professor of divinity; author; commissioner of the Church of Scotland to the Westminster Assembly in 1632; and university rector.  He published his major work, "Lex Rex" in 1644.

married Jean McMath on 3/24/1639-1640, Edinburgh, Scotland

Jean McMath was buried, 5/16/1675, at Greyfriars in Edinburgh 

---------9. Rev. George Rutherford
d. 1678 at Barbados, West Indies [unproven]
minister of Tongaland and Balnacross, Kirkcudsbright, Scotland
M.A. Edinburgh University in 1622 - schoolmaster in Kirkcudsbright in 1629

"In 1626 George Rutherford, brother of the great Samuel, then at Anwoth, [Covenanter and Martyr] was appointed schoolmaster and  reader. He too was a great non-conformist and his "heresies" led to his being summoned before the high commissioners and commanded to resign."

Rev. George Rutherford was minister of Tongland and Balnacross, Kirkcuds. (Fas II), M.A. Edin. July 1622, became schoolmaster at Kirkcudbright 1629 but was summoned before the Court of High Commission for nonconformity 1636 and resigned. He retired to Ayrshire and c.1640 was minister of Tongland, becoming a member of the Commission of Assembly 1647. Kirkcuds. sasines to him and his children were reg. 1654 (RO 21). WKR gives no evidence for his belief that George went to the W. Indies. He was dead by 1665 when a bond of his widow was reg. (Ib 4). 

By his wife Marion Gordon he had: 

----------10. DAVID* (omitted in Fas) to whom a Kirkcuds. sasine was reg. 1654 (RO 21) perhaps d. before 1672 when sasines to his sisters only were recorded. 

----------10. SAMUEL * mentioned only by Fas. 

----------10. BARBARA * had a Kirkcuds. sasine reg. 1654 and m. ( cont. Dec. 14, 1671; Fas) Robert son of John Cutlar of Oraland. Other sasines were reg. 1672-3 (RO 25). The wills of Robert Cutlar, portioner of Argrennan, and his wife Barbara R. were reg. Kirkcud. 1681. 

----------10. JEAN*, omitted in Fas, had sasines reg. 1654 but not later. 

----------10. MARION*, omitted in Fas, had sasines reg. 1654 and as the wife of Robert Hutton of Newlands was mentioned in sasines reg. 1672-3. 

----------10. MARTHA * had sasines reg. 1654 and 1672-3J latterly as wife of John Black merchant of Kirkcud. George's family may have continued in the male line since 

JOHN, aged 8, sailed from Tongland to New York in May 1774 (Donald Whyte ed. , A dictionary of Scottish emigrants to the U.S.A., Baltimore 1972). 

---------9. Captain James Rutherford [see below]

Generation 9 – Samuel’s brother – our ancestor

---------9. Captain James Rutherford
b. abt 1605 Nisbet, Roxburgshire, Scotland
d. bef. 9/3/1668
An officer in the Scots Brigade of the Dutch army at Utrecht, Holland
will: 3/9/1667-1668 Edinburgh
m. [1]  Margaret Gladstaines/Gladstone 11/24/1639 Fort Crevecoeur, Netherlands


----------10. Samuel Rutherford of County Monaghan, Ireland
----------10. John Rutherford of County Down, Ireland
----------10. Unknown Captain Rutherford of County Tyrone, Ireland

James Rutherford was an officer in the Dutch service.  It was he who conveyed the invitation to his brother, the Rev. Samuel Rutherford, to become a professor at Utrecht.  James' two sons who fought at the battle of Boyne received lands in Tyrone and Down counties, Ireland. By deduction, James was the father of Rev. Samuel Rutherford, the Presbyterian minister.

Capt. James Rutherford was a Scot who served in the Netherlands, a resident of Utrecht. James Rutherford was an officer in the Dutch service.  It was he who conveyed the invitation to his brother, the Rev. Samuel Rutherford, to become a professor at Utrecht. The Dutch have records showing a Jheemes Rutherford marrying Maragreta Gledstein. That Rutherfords intermarried frenquently with the Gledstaines (Gladstones). The Gladstones are another Borders family of Scotland. 

Jheemes Ridderfort of Scotland and Margariet Gleetseel had their banns published in 's-Hertogenbosch and Woudrichem in the Province of Noord-Brabant on 10/22/1639 and they were married in the Fort Crevecoeur near 's-Hertogenbosch on 11/24/1639.

["De huwelijkintekeningen van Schotse militairen in Nederland, 1574-1665" 
by Dr. Ir.J. Maclean, (De Walburg Pers, Zutphen 1976) - pages 165 and 320]

Will of James Rutherford 'residenter in Utrecht' registered at the Edinburgh Commissary Court in 9/3/1668

James' two sons who fought at the battle of Boyne received lands in Tyrone and Down counties, Ireland. By deduction, James was the father of Rev. Samuel Rutherford, the Presbyterian minister.

A son said to have been an officer in the Dutch army (Fas VII), presumably JAMES* 'residenter in Utrict' (Utrecht) whose will was reg. Edin. March 9, 1667/8. WKR says he had three or four sons, two of whom fought in William III's army at the battle of the Boyne, and all settled in northern Ireland where two were ministers, and gives as his offspring: 

----------10. Rev. Samuel Rutherford [see below]
b. ca 1659
Presbyterian minister banished to Ireland in 1689
settled in co. Monaghan and had issue: 

----------10. John Rutherford
b. ca 1645 Teviotdale, Roxburghshire, Scotland
d. ca 1740 probably County Down, Ireland
married Isabella Alliene probably Scotland
fought in William III's army at the battle of the Boyne
Presbyterian minister
lived on the River Tweed in Scotland.  
migrated with family to County Down, Ireland

Isabella Alliene
daughter of Rev. Alliene and Theodosia Alliene 
b. abt 1656 in Taunton, Somerset, England
d. 1738 in County Down, Ireland.
lived to the age 82
descendant of Rev. Joseph Allein who wrote "Allein's Alarm"

Rev. John Rutherford and a brother were captains in the army of William III. They participated in the crushing defeat of the Irish in the battle of Boyne and were awarded service lands in Ireland for their service.

Rev. John Rutherford settled in County Down, Ireland, and continued his ministry which he had begun in Scotland. He married a granddaughter of the Rev. Joseph Alliene, author of "The Alarm of the Unconverted".

-----------11. James Rutherford
b. 1700 County Down, Ireland
d. 4/26/1769 Walker's Creek, Rockbridge Co., VA
m. [1]  Margaret McMahon
b. Northern Ireland
d. bef. 5/18/1774 Augusta Co., Virginia

James Rutherford married his cousin, Margaret McMahon, and immigrated to America in 1738. He settled in Augusta County, Virginia, and died testate.  In his will, dated 24 December 1761 and proved in Augusta County 17 August 1768, he devised his property to his wife, Margaret.  At her death he made provision for the care of his son, Samuel, who was deaf and dumb, and at Samuel's death, the estate was to be divided equally between his sons John Wallace and Thomas Hudson. Margaret's will, dated 11 February 1769 and proved 18 May 1774, named in addition to sons Samuel Rutherford, John Wallace and Thomas Hudson, four heirs who were grandchildren: James Wallace, Rebecca Campbell, Margaret Hudson, and Isabella Hudson. In a deed recorded in Rockbridge County, Virginia, in August 1794, Isabel, wife of John Wallace; Jean, wife of Thomas Hudson, and Samuel Rutherford were named as the children of James Rutherford deceased.

------------12. Samuel Rutherford

------------12. Jean Rutherford

------------12. Isabel Rutherford

-----------11. John Rutherford
b. Roxburghshire, Scotland
one of his sons emigrated to America
John Rutherford remained in Ireland

------------12. Thomas Rutherford

------------12. John Rutherford

------------12. Esther Rutherford

------------12. Elizabeth Rutherford
b. 1758
d. 10/23/1830

-----------11.  Samuel Rutherford
Twin to Allen.  Died young

-----------11.  Allen Rutherford
Twin to Samuel.  Died young

-----------11.  Thomas Rutherford
d. abt 1758.
died the day he was to have been married

-----------11.  Katherine Rutherford [see Wigton-Walker descent]
b. 1682, Scotland
d. 1738, Chester Co., PA
m. [1] John Walker

-----------11.  Esther Rutherford 
b. Roxburghshire, Scotland

-----------11.  Elizabeth Rutherford
b. abt 1715, Wigtown, Wigtown Co., or Roxburghshire, Scotland
d. October 15, 1777, America
m. [1] Hugh Hudson
immigrated to America with her husband and settled in MD

----------10. Unknown Captain Rutherford
County Tyrone, Ireland

Generation 10

----------10. Rev. Samuel Rutherford of Ireland
b. ca 1659
Presbyterian minister
banished to Ireland in 1689

Rev. Samuel Rutherford was a Presbyterian minister whose dissenter doctrine angered the "established church" aka The Church of England. In 1689 the Rev. Samuel Rutherford was banished from Scotland to Ireland where he settled in Monaghan County.

Rev. Samuel Rutherford had three known sons and one daughter that came to America: James Rutherford Sr, Robert Rutherford Sr, John Rutherford [father of Gen. Griffith Rutherford] and Martha Sarah Rutherford.

-----------11.  James Rutherford Sr. [see below]
m. [1]  Mary

-----------11.  Robert Rutherford Sr.
unknown Weakley

------------12. Unknown son of Robert Rutherford Sr. with whom Robert Jr. fought and then fled to join the military.

------------12. Unknown daughter of Robert Rutherford Sr. who was the first wife of  Robert Weakley

------------12. Unknown daughter of Robert Rutherford Sr. who was the second wife of  Robert Weakley

-------------13. William Weakley 

-------------13. Robert Weakley 
b. ca. 1720 in Ireland
d. in Halifax Co., Virginia in August 1798

The 1748 list of tithable persons in Lunenburg County, Virginia included the names of Robert, William, and James Weakley. The recur in the 1749 and 1750 lists. Robert purchased 400 acres of land in Cumberland Parish, Lunenburg Co. on 2 July 1750 for 40 pounds. He received a patent from the State of Virginia in 1759 for 80 acres on Rough Creek. In 1761, he sold the 400 acres in Cumberland Parish for 100 pounds, and apparently moved to Rough Creek. He had also purchase land in 1756 in the Cub Creek area of Halifax Co., and this eventually became his home. He married Elinor Stewart [Stuart].

-------------13. James Weakley m. [1] Hannah Coffee 

-------------13. Jean Weakley m. [1] John Stewart

------------12. Robert Rutherford Jr. - Black Horse Robert

Robert Rutherford, while living in northern Ireland, quarreled with his older brother and received punishment from his father? Robert then ran away from home and enlisted in the Ligonier's Troop of Black Horse, a famous regiment in the British army. He later left England and made his way to America. He married and became the father of five daughters whom he named Margaret, Sarah, Nancy, Elizabeth and Frances Mary. He had one son, Webb Rutherford, who died young and was named for a family friend Colonel Daniel Webb.

Robert Rutherford kept a tavern, which he called "The Ligonier", in the house on Broad Street in Trenton, New Jersey, which had formerly been owned by his uncle James Rutherford - the yeoman. The property was advertised for sale 23 May 1764 and was described as a handsome two story brick with four handsome rooms on each floor. Three of the rooms and the stairway were handsomely papered, and there were cellars under the entire house. There was also a large kitchen, a wash house, a well of good water, two large stables for twenty horses, a good coach house and a handsome large lot well fenced with a brick wall and large folding gates at the entrance.  

Rutherford kept a very fine stallion, from Ireland, by the name of Young Tifter. The pedigree showed the horse was descended from Tifter of Warwick, the best twelve stone horse in England.

Robert Rutherford advertised for the whereabouts of a runaway Irish servant woman 1/5/1758 in The Pennsylvania Gazette. He offered a reward for her safe return.

-------------13.  Margaret Rutherford

-------------13.  Sarah Rutherford

-------------13.  Nancy Rutherford

-------------13.  Elizabeth Rutherford

-------------13.  Frances Mary Rutherford, d. 1819

-------------13.  Webb Rutherford

-----------11.  John Rutherford 
b. abt 1700 in Ireland
d. 1721 washed overboard at sea
m. [1]  Elizabeth Griffith
d. 1721 washed overboard at sea

John Rutherford and his wife Elizabeth died while enroute to America from Ireland, and their infant son, Griffith Rutherford was taken to New Jersey to live with relatives by the name of Rutherford.

------------12. Griffith Rutherford
b. in 1721 in Ireland
d. 8/10/1805, Sumner Co., Tennessee
burial: probably in Shiloh Presbyterian Cemetery near Gallatin, Tennessee

m. [1]  Mary Elizabeth Graham
b. in Rowan Co., North Carolina
d. aft. 1805
d/o James Graham
m. [1] Griffith Rutherford 1754, Rowan Co., North Carolina.

Griffith's children:
-------------13. Jane Rutherford b. 1756 d. abt 1844 Maury TN 
-------------13. James Rutherford b. abt 1758 d. Sep. 8, 1781, Eutaw Spring, SC 
-------------13. Blanche Rutherford b. abt 1760 d. abt 1844
-------------13. Henry Rutherford b. abt Aug. 17, 1762 d. May 20, 1847 Key Corner, Dyer TN 
-------------13. John Rutherford b. March 13, 1764 d. 1842/43 Dyer Co. TN 
-------------13. Elizabeth Rutherford b. abt 1765 d. abt 1844  
-------------13. Alfred Rutherford b. abt 1767 d. abt 1844
-------------13. Newton Rutherford b. abt 1770 d. abt 1814 Cocke, TN
-------------13. Margaret Rutherford b. abt 1771 d. abt June 1827 Dyer, TN
-------------13. Griffith Weakley Rutherford b. abt 1775 d Nov. 10, 1846 Wilson Co. TN.

------------12. Margaret Rutherford

Ann Cathey was the first wife of Captain William H. Moore
Margaret Rutherford was his second wife

"Captain William H. Moore was from Ulster county, Ireland, and was the 'first white man to settle west of the Blue Ridge in Buncombe County, North Carolina. He was with his brother-in-law, Griffith Rutherford when that officer came through Buncombe in 1776 on his way to punish the Cherokees, and was struck with the beauty and fertility of the spot on which he afterwards settled, six and a half miles west of Asheville, the present residence, remodeled and enlarged, of Dr. David M. Gudger. He was a captain of one of Rutherford's companies. He returned in 1777 and built a fort on the site above referred to, obtaining a grant for 640 acres from Governor Caswell soon afterwards, for "land on Hominy creek, Burke county." But he had to leave his new home for the Revolutionary War, in which he served gallantly, returning at its close with his own family, his wife being Gen. Rutherford's sister, and five others. He had three sons, William, Samuel, and Charles, and three daughters, all of whom married Penlands, brothers. William and Samuel moved to Georgia, and Charles, the youngest, fell heir to the home place."

“I send you herewith a copy of a statement made by Mr. T. J. Moore of Moore, S. C., which I think, in connection with a letter from him to me of May 17th, 1898 and a supplemental statement, made by him, copies of both of which I send you, will give you the information you desire concerning your family.

My great grandfather Wm. Moore and his brother, Charles Moore, your ancestor, came to America from the north of Ireland with a number of Scotch-Irish people, probably settling first in Pennsylvania and afterwards coming South. One of the brothers, Charles Moore, settled on Tiger River in upper South Carolina, now Spartanburg County. My great grandfather, Wm. Moore, settled for a while in Mecklenburg County, N. C., on what is known as Muddy Creek now in Burke County. Wm. Moore removed from Muddy Creek, in Burke County, to Hominy Creek, in the same county, (now in Buncombe County, North Carolina, west of the City of Asheville about seven miles). He was an officer, to-wit: a captain in the militia of this colony and as such was in charge of several expeditions against the Indians in the Western part of the State and finally drove them from this end of the State. He brought with him to the Hominy section, a large number of his Scotch-Irish friends, as well as all of his immediate family. He built a block house at the old homestead as a protection of his family and neighbors against the Indians; raised a large family there, acquired considerable wealth and died and was buried at the old home place. He was married twice, his first wife was a Cathey. He married a second time a Patton. He had several daughters; Rachael, who married Geo. Penland, Polly, who married Robt. Penland, Alice, who married John Penland, Charity, who married Jesse Ballew, Peggy, who married James Rutherford, Sally, who married John Montgomery, Nancy, who married Jonathan McPeters and Elizabeth, who married Ben Tutt. He also had three sons; Thomas, William and Charles. Thomas Moore went to Georgia, married there and raised a large family; several of whom became quite prominent politically and otherwise in that State. William Moore went to the State of Mo., and married there, also raising a large family. I get letters frequently from members of this family. Charles Moore, the younger son, my grandfather, lived on the home place, was married twice, raised a large family of children and died at the age of 82 years in the old homestead and was buried in the family grave-yard, where a great many of the relatives and members of the family are also buried. He was married twice; his first wife was a Penland, a sister of the numerous brothers who had married sisters of his.”

written by Charles A. Moore in a letter to Mrs. N. Walton Jackson, Hulda, La.

James Rutherford entered 100 acres both sides Hominey Creek 1787 with William Moore. Another researcher shows the land entry on Webb's Creek on North Fork Hominy Creek Buncombe NC 1787 which may be the same entry.

Margaret Moore was born ca 1755/65 (based on 1800 and 1810 census entries), presumably in old Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. She was mentioned in the 1903 letter as a daughter of old William H. Moore: "Peggy, who married James Rutherford".  It should be noted that "Peggy" is a common nickname for "Margaret."

Margaret Moore married James Rutherford probably before ca 1784 either in old Mecklenburg or old Burke County. James was born ca 1755/65 per census analysis. They were listed on the 1790 census in Burke County, in the 6th Company. They were just a few houses from Peggy's parents. Their next door neighbors were Robert Sellers and Margaret Dizard. 

1790 census analysis 

1790 Burke Co, NC 6th Company pg 108 James Rutherford 1-2-3-0-2
1 Male(s) 16 and Up (before 1774) James RUTHERFORD (1755/65)
2 Male(s) under 16    (1774/1790) Son? (1774/84)
Son? (1784/90)
3 Female(s) any age (before 1790) Margaret MOORE Rutherford (1755/65) wife
Daughter? (bef 1790) --> gone by 1800
Daughter? (1784/90)

Buncombe County was formed in 1791 from Burke including the section where they resided.

1800 census analysis 

1800 Buncombe Co, NC pg 185 James Rutherford 21110-21010-0-4
1 Male(s) 26-44       (1755-1774) James RUTHERFORD (1755/65)
1 Male(s) 16-25       (1774-1784) Son? (1774/84) --> gone by 1810
1 Male(s) 10-15       (1784-1790) Son? (1784/90) --> gone by 1810
2 Male(s) 0-9         (1790-1800) Son? (1790/94)
Son? (1794/1800)
1 Female(s) 26-44     (1755-1774) Margaret MOORE Rutherford (1755/65) wife
1 Female(s) 10-15     (1784-1790) Daughter? (1784/90) --> gone by 1810
2 Female(s) 0-9       (1790-1800) Daughter? (1790/94)
Daughter? (1794/1800)

They were listed in Buncombe for the 1810 census. They were next to Margaret's brother Thomas Moore and also next to Charles Gilley.

1810 census analysis 

1810 Buncombe Co, NC pg 75 James Rutherford 11101-01101-0-2
1 Male(s) 45 and up    (bef 1765) James RUTHERFORD (1755/65)
1 Male(s) 16-25       (1784-1794) Son? (1790/94) --> gone by 1820
1 Male(s) 10-15       (1794-1800) Son? (1794/1800) --> gone by 1820
1 Male(s) 0-9         (1800-1810) Son? (1802/04) or (1804/10)
1 Female(s) 45 & up (before 1765) Margaret MOORE Rutherford (1755/65) wife
1 Female(s) 16-25     (1784-1794) Daughter? (1790/94) --> gone by 1820
1 Female(s) 10-15     (1794-1800) Daughter? (1794/1800) --> gone by 1820 

James Rutherford died in the 1810-1820 timeframe, for Margaret was listed as head of household on the 1820 census in Buncombe County. She was just a few houses from brothers Charles Moore and Thomas Moore.

1820 census 

1820 Buncombe Co, NC pg 118 Margret Rutherford 011100-00001
1 Male(s) 16-25       (1794-1804) Son? (1802/04) or Son (1794/1800)
1 Male(s) 16-17       (1802-1804) *
1 Male(s) 10-15       (1804-1810) Son? (1804/10)
1 Female(s) 45 & up (before 1775) Margaret MOORE Rutherford (1755/65) wd/o James

We did not find her in 1830. There was a James Rutherford (c1800) who was in Buncombe in 1830, 1840 and 1850. He could be a son of James Rutherford and Margaret Moore. 

-----------11.  Martha Sarah Rutherford
m. [1] George Davis Sr.

------------12. Isabel Davis
m. Ellis Cook

------------12. Sarah Davis

------------12. James Davis

------------12. Thomas Davis

------------12. Margaret Davis
m. Mr. Butts

m. [2] Israel Pickens
b. Ireland

Israel Pickens migrated with his parents to Bucks Co. Penn. in about 1718. He joined Bensalem church on confession in 1722 and was married soon afterward. He moved to Orange Co. VA. where he had a mill near Staunton before 1740. Israel had a child baptized while there in 1740. He moved again about 1743 to Lunenburg Co., VA locating at Cub Creek which is in the present Charlotte Co. VA. He was a member of the Cub Creek Presbyterian church along with Griffith Rutherford, James Rutherford and William Rutherford where he died and was buried in 1749. 

Martha Sarah Rutherford Pickens, his wife may have been the second wife, as there is a gap of 11 years between the oldest child and the next oldest. After the death of Israel Martha moved to Anson Co., N.C. where on May 20, 1754 she was granted 514 acres on the north side of King Creek, a branch of the Catawba River. (Raleigh land grant files 1692, Bk. 15, pg. 28) There is possible proof that in later years Martha married again to John Fall and lived in Lincoln Co. N.C. Martha Pickens lived in Cabarrus County, N.C. when she married Fall. Mary Clark Corrigan, granddaughter of Martha Pickens made a statement in the settlement papers of her father, James Clark that she inherited from her grandmother Martha Falls. John and Martha Falls sold 300 acres of land Oct. 10, 1774 which had been granted to John Falls, May, 5, 1768 on the south fork of Cathey's Creek. (Lincoln Co. N.C. Deed Bk. 2, p. 120) 

children of Israel Pickens and wife Martha Sarah Rutherford Pickens: 

------------12. William Pickens 
b. 1728 
d. 1800 
m. [1] Elizabeth Black
no children
Elizabeth Pickens died in 1818 leaving her will on record.
Named Nephews and neices. 
Will of William Pickens: Mecklenburg Co. N.C. Will Bk. F. p. 18, He named wife Elizabeth, nephew James Pickens, son of Samuel Pickens.

William paid tithes in Lunenburg Co. VA. in 1749. He moved to NC with his mother. On May 17, 1754 received a Crown grant of 408 acres in Anson Co. N.C. with Griffith Rutherford. Received a second grant with Rutherford Oct. 3, 1755. On Jan. 18, 1766 William and Elizabeth Pickens sold 362 acres to James Wahab (Walkup). Jan 10, 1770 sold land to brother in law William Black 162 acres. (Mecklenburg Co. Deeds). William died in 1800 and his will was probated in Mecklenburg County.

------------12. Margaret Pickens 
b. 1739-40 
m. [1] Capt. James Walkup

------------12. Capt. Samuel Pickens 
b. 1743 
d. 1821
m. [1] Jane Carrigan 

------------12. Rebecca Pickens 
b. 1745-6 
m. [1] James Davis [see above]

------------12. Hannah Pickens
b. 1749 Cub Creek Lunenburg Co., VA
children were all by 1st husband James Clark
m. [1] James Clark 1768 
m. [2] George Davis Jr. Mecklenburg Co. NC
d. 10/26/1806 Mecklenburg Co., N. C.
burial: Sugar Creek Presbyterian Mecklenburg 
buried beside George Davis and 2 children Rufus and Maggie

------------12. George Davis Jr.

Generation 11 - 1st Generation in America

-1. [#11] James Rutherford Sr.
m. [1]  Mary

"Dr. Cadwalader conveyed the property [The Black Horse] on February 4, 1754, to James Rutherford, "yeoman" who in turn conveyed it to Robert Rutherford, his nephew, by deed dated July 27, 1759. The deed refers to the grantee as "tavern keeper". Robert Rutherford had been licensed to keep a tavern three years before."

--2. [#12] James Rutherford Jr. 
m. [1]  Rosanna [see below]

--2. Samuel Rutherford Sr.
burial: 10/21/1767, Trenton, New Jersey 
m. [1]  Mary  

commissioned as an ensign in 1762 with the 15th Regt. of Foot in America (Army List 1765) and later Capt., settled at Trenton, New Jersey, where he was bur. Oct. 21, 1767.

He was survived by his wife Mary and had a son: Samuel Rutherford

We have a copy of Samuel's signature. He spelled his name 'Rutherfoord', the standard spelling at that time for the Hunthill cadet.

Samuel Rutherford, was a captain in his Majesty's 15th Regiment. He lived in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, at Trenton. His father James Rutherford Sr. "the yeoman" also owned a house in Trenton, as well as, across the river at Philadelphia.  His death record was recorded in the Register of St. Mary's Church in Burlington, New Jersey, and he was buried at Trenton. 

Samuel Rutherford, Jr., died testate. His will, dated 24 August 1767 was proved 24 October 1767 in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. He willed his real and personal estate to his wife, Mary, and named her executrix. To his son, Samuel, he devised all his military arms and musical instruments.

"Mary Rutherford Poynton of Trenton, the daughter of Elisha Beadles and his wife Mary, who married as her first husband Samuel Rutherford, son of James and Mary Rutherford of Trenton, is a conspicuous example in point [in that she was a loyalist]. She had married in 1772 as her second husband Major Brereton Poynton, an officer in the British army who had served against the French in Canada. Their marriage is recorded in the Parish Register of St. Michael's Church, September 22, 1772. Subsequently Major Poynton served in the West Indies, but returned to Trenton in 1774, going back to join his command there, however, before the war in America broke out. His wife was told that if she wrote to her husband and persuaded him to join the American army he would be made a Brigadier General. He seems not to have served on either side. Mary Poynton owned much property in Trenton, including a house opposite St. Michael's Church." Collections of New Jersey Historical Society, Vol. X, pp. 173-4.

"Her mother married for her second husband Elijah Bond, whom his step-daughter describes as "a great Rebel and a great enemy to her." According to Daniel Coxe, Mary Poynton "rather spoke her mind too plain." In her Memorial of April 8, 1789, she states that a separation was about to take place between her husband and herself. The Poyntons were allowed by the British government £775 for their claim of £1,764 6s." - Collections of New Jersey Historical Society, Vol. X, pp. 173-4.

note: there is some confusion about Samuel's name owing to the fact that WKR in "Genealogical History of the Rutherford Family" mistakenly refers to Samuel as "Junior" because of his false assumption that Samuel is the son of his grandfather Rev. Samuel Rutherford. WKR was unaware of the existence of his father James Rutherford Sr. "the yeoman". 

---3. Samuel Rutherford, Jr.

Generation 12 - 2nd Generation in America

--2. [#12] James Rutherford Jr. 
b. 1668-78
d. 1759 Lunenburg Co., VA
m. [1]  Rosannah "Rose"
d. bef. 11/6/1759

250 men obtained licenses from Samuel Blunston in 1734 and 1735 including: John Rutherford, James Rutherford, and Robert Rutherford, Rev. John Thomson [local pastor], James Weakley [Rutherford cousin], William Weakley [Rutherford cousin] and John Beard [William Rutherford's father-in-law].

1734/35 - James Rutherford - Blunston licenses page 8 - August 24th, 200 acres on Letort Spring Run  - no survey - outside Carlisle, PA

1741 - James Rutherford deeded 1000 acres of land on both sides of Cub Creek in Brunswick County 6/15/1741 Virginia Patents, #29, 1749-51, vol. 2,  page 484 VA State Library

1746 - Lunenburg County, Virginia - 1746 September Court. John Beard, Petitioner, v. Pierce Codey, Defendant on a petition. The petitioner producing the Deft's note of hand for 2 pounds 5 shillings and 4 pence half penny, judgement is granted against the Def't for the said sum + costs

1748 - Lunenburg Tithes:
Griffith Rutherford - 1 tithe
James Rutherford and son William Rutherford - 2 tithes
John Beard [William Rutherford's father-in-law] and Miles Barret  - 3 tithes

The Lunenburg Tithes of 1748/49 are the only occasion when the name Griffith Rutherford appears with any other person[s] named Rutherford other than his own descendants.

1749 - Lunenburg Tithes:
Griffith Rutherford - 1 tithe
James Rutherford and son William Rutherford - 2 tithes

1750 - Lunenburg Tithes:
John Beard - 2 tithes
Robert Hill and John Beard - 2 tithes [2nd property]
James Rutherford, son William Rutherford and Philip Conway - 2 tithes

1751 - 5 Aug 1751 James Rutherford patented 1000 acres Lunenburg Co. both sides of Cub Creek adjoining William Weakley and Thomas Williams. Virginia Patents, #29, 1749-51, vol. 2,  page 484 VA State Library

1751 - James Rutherford and William Weakley witnessed the deeding of one acre of land by William Caldwell to the Cub Creek Church. 4/2/1751

1752 - Lunenburg County Tithes List taken by William Caldwell 
James Rutherford and Phillip Conoway [Conway] - 2 tithes

1755 - James Rutherford [Lunenburg County] and son William Rutherford [Bedford County] conveyed 1000 acres of land on both sides of Cub Creek in Lunenburg County to Matthew Watson both wives relinquished their respective dower rights. 9/2/1755. Lunenburg County Deeds, book 6 page 115

1756-58 - Will. Dec 18, 1756. I, Susana Weatherford, otherwise Waler, of Lunenburg, being very sick and weak - To my daughter Lucey Persons - my chest and all my clothing and 2 pewter dishes, and 3 pewter plates, 1 pewter tea pot, 1 earthen porringer, and 1 stone mug, and 1 looking glass and 1 bed and furniture, and 1 earthen mug, and what is due of a hogshead of tobacco allowed to me by the Vestry of Hanover Parish.
Executor - Christopher Parsons
Signed - Susanna Wetherford 
Witnesses - James Rutherford and Rose Rutherford

Jul 4, 1758 the will of the deceased was exhibited by Christopher Persons, the executor, and the same was proved by the oath of witness James Rutherford, and ordered to be recorded. And on the motion of said executor, certificate is granted him for obtaining a probate thereof, he having first, with James Rutherford, his security, entered into bond for that purpose.

1758 - 28 September 1758 James Rutherford - patented 91 acres Lunenburg Co. on the Branches

1758-61 - Will - Oct 27, 1758 of James McClannahan of Lunenburg Co., VA
Witnesses - Robert Weakley, James Rutherford 
Jul 7, 1761 Court exhibited, proved and ordered to be recorded. 

1759 - Will - John McClannahan
Signed Oct 8, 1758 - John McClannahan
Witnesses - Robert Rolan, John Boyde and James Rutherford 
Nov 6, 1759 Court exhibited, proved and ordered to be recorded

1759 - Will - Jul 27, 1759 - Francis Graham
Parish of Cumberland and Lunenburg, VA
Witnesses - James Rutherford and Bartlet Green

1759 - Inventory - Per Court order, we, Christopher Parsons, John Griffith, together with William Caldwell, appraised the personal estate of James Rutherford. Includes: 7 cows, 3 heifers, 1 bull, 1 yearling, 1 calf, 1 wagon and harness, some oats and hay, some flax, 3 horses, 2 colts, 2 mares, 1 field of corn, 6 sheep, 4 geese, 2 men's saddles and 1 side saddle. 
Total: £ 114.5.0. 
Signed - Christifa Parsons, Wm Caldwell, John Griffith
Signed - William Rutherford, Administrator. Recorded Nov 6, 1759


---3. [#13] William Rutherford [see below]
b. 1733 Bedford Co. VA? - perhaps Letorts Spring, PA 
d. aft. 2/1791 Lunenburg Co., Virginia

Generation 13 - 3rd Generation in America

---3. [#13] William Rutherford
b. 1733 Bedford Co. VA? - perhaps Letorts Spring, PA 
d. aft. 2/1791 Lunenburg Co., Virginia
m. [1]  Agnes Beard
b. between 1724 - 1734 in Lunenburg, Co. now Bedford Co., VA.
m. [2] Hannah Beard
b. 1735
d. aft 1791
m. bef 9/27/1779 
all children were with Agnes
Agnes and Hanna were d/o John Beard and Elizabeth Rutherford
John Beard was born in Virginia, and died about 1780 in Lunenburg Co., VA, now Bedford Co., VA. Elizabeth Rutherford was born in Virginia, and died in about 1782 in Campbell Co., VA.
John Beard's occupation: weaver

Notes for William Rutherford:
1749 John Beard of Lunenburg County to son-in-law William Rutherford "for love and affection", 150 acres, Lunenburg on Reedy Creek to River.  Recorded 3, July, 1750. signed by John Beard”

In 1749 William Rutherford deed for William Rutherford and wife Agnes Beard to William Acres, 350 acres lying on the upper side of Falling River, including both sides of Reedy Creek, this land granted by patent to John Beard, Jan 10, 1748. John Beard conveyed by deed to William Rutherford. Witnesses: William Bumpass and Thomas Dixon. recorded April 27, 1761.” (page 422) wife Agnes Beard Rutherford.

William Rutherford died after February 1791, probably in Lunenburg County, Virginia. Agnes Beard, daughter of John and Elizabeth Beard of Lunenburg, now Bedford County, Virginia; married William Rutherford. Hannah Beard, married William Rutherford, before 27 September 1779. William Rutherford was named as a son-in-law of John Beard in a deed 3 July 1750. William was named as a son and heir-in-law of James Rutherford 4 June 1760 and his wife Agnes relinquished her dower rights.  William sold a tract of land in Bedford County, Virginia, 27 September 1779 and his wife, Hannah, relinquished her dower rights. In 1780 John Beard again referred to William Rutherford as his son-in-law.

James Rutherford d. in 1759, Lunenburg County, Virginia. Rose, m. James Rutherford. James Rutherford died intestate in Lunenburg County, Virginia. An inventory of his estate was recorded in 1759. William was named as son and heir-at-law of James Rutherford, deceased, in a deed dated 4 June 1760.

From "Virginia Historical Magazine" vol. 12:
B134 Botetourt County, Virginia, early settlers:  from the earliest times through 1795, in the area that was Botetourt County in 1782: covers parts of present-day Counties of Montgomery, Bath, Giles, Floyd, Alleghany, Roanoke, Craig, and Monroe.  By Charles T. Burton.19--. 100p. (975.583/B953)

Lunenburg Will Bk 2, page 184. Will of Matthew Campbell. Wife evidently deceased. Son - John Campbell. Daughter - Salle Campbell. Indicates other children but not named. Exr: Wm Rutherford, John Holt, and Peter Rawlings. Wit: Wm Rutherford, Peter Rawlins, John Holt and Peter MacCown.

Lunenburg Will Bk 2 page 184. Will. Sep 13, 1763. Matthew Campbell of L. Legson John, dau Salle, other children not named when they are of age. Ex: Wm Rutherford, John Holt, and Peter Rawlins. WP Oct 13, 1763.

Lunenburg Will Bk 9 pg 273. Oct 13, 1763 from John Watson of Louisa County, to John Clarke of L, for 40 pounds, 271 acres in L & bounded by Kennon's and Rutherford's corner, Richard Adams, Mathew Watson. Signed - John Watson. Wit - James Taylor, John Holt, Peter Rawlins, William Rutherford. Recorded Oct 13, 1763.

Lunenburg Will Bk 9 page 354. Feb 9, 1764 from William Rutherford of Bedford Co., to Peter Rawlins of Lunenburg, for 66 pounds, 100 acres in Lunenburg on the branches of Cubb Creek and bounded by trees. Signed - Wm Rutherford. Wit - none

Lunenburg Will Bk 2 page 210. An account of sales of the estate of Matthew Campbell dec'd Oct 19, 1763. Purchasers were: Wm Rutherford, Josias East Sarah Campbell, Wm Flemen Cock, James East, Collier Barksdale, Jos Davis, John Holt, James Mitchell, Richard Gideon, James Gideon, Wm Edwards, Samuel Allin, Peter Rawlins, John Caldwell, Robt Templeton, John Brent, Wm Price, Josias Campbell, Wm Hazlewood, William Rawlins, Wm Weatherford, Geo Welch, Henry Barnes, Burwell Voden, Gidion Thomas, John White, Arthur Slayton. Rec: Feb 9, 1764.

1749 - John Beard of Lunenburg County to son-in-law William Rutherford "for love and affection", 150 acres, Lunenburg on Reedy Creek to River.  Recorded 3, July, 1750. signed by John Beard”

1749 - Deed for William Rutherford and wife Agnes Beard to William Acres, 350 acres lying on the upper side of Falling River, including both sides of Reedy Creek, this land granted by patent to John Beard, Jan 10, 1748. John Beard conveyed by deed to William Rutherford. Witnesses: William Bumpass and Thomas Dixon. recorded April 27, 1761.

1749 - William Rutherford patented 435 acres of land on both sides of Cub Creek 7/10/1749. Lunenburg County Deeds, book 1 page 454

1749 - abt 1749 William Rutherford Jr was born at Cub Creek, Lunenburg County VA

1750 - John Beard of Lunenburg County to William Rutherford "for love and affection I have for my son-in-law", 150 acres, Lunenburg County on Reedy Creek.  Recorded 3, July, 1750. signed by John Beard

1751 - Will. Aug 12, 1751. I, Daniel Patterson of Lunenburg, fuller, being very sick and weak in body - Firstly, all my just debts and funeral charges are to be paid. To my 2 daughters, Catherine and Ann Patterson or either of them, coming over from Ireland - my personal estate, with all my movables, and if either of my daughters does not come oversea to enjoy the same, [to] William Lawson. Executor - said William Lawson. William Lawson is to satisfy himself out of the personal estate, and to make an equal division of the rest between him and his 2 brothers, John and David Lawson. To John Lawson - the young black mare and 1 pistoale and colt, and no more.
Signed - Daniel Patterson.
Witnesses - Enoch Armitage, Alex'r Irwin, Euphemie Trapnell
(T her mark), James Dorchester.
At Oct 2, 1751 Court, the will of the deceased was exhibited by the executor, and the same was proved by the oaths of the witnesses, and ordered to be recorded, and the executor, with Alexander Irwin and William Rutherford, his sureties, entered into bond, and certificate was granted the executor for obtaining a probate of the said will.

1752 - Lunenburg County Tithes List taken by Cornelius Cargill records William Rutherford - 1 tithe

1754 - Bedford County was formed in 1754 from the northwest part of Lunenburg and a small part of Albemarle. In 1755 the Act creating Bedford County specifies that "Lunenburg be divided, from the mouth of Falling River up the said river to the fork, thence up the fork running by John Beard's to the head...and all that part of said Lunenburg shall be called by the name of Bedford..." - "The Old Free State" -  pg 142

1755 - William Rutherford patented 300 acres of land on the branches of Beaver Creek 11/24/1755. Bedford County Deeds, book 1 page 454

1755 - James Rutherford [Lunenburg County] and son William Rutherford [Bedford County] conveyed 1000 acres of land on both sides of Cub Creek in Lunenburg County to Matthew Watson both wives relinquished their respective dower rights. 9/2/1755. Lunenburg County Deeds, book 6 page 115 [Matthew Watson was the father-in-law of Peter Rawlings, father of his wife Mary]

1757 - Bedford Co. Court Order Book 1, March 1757, "deed from John Beard to Vincent Glass was acknowledged by the said Beard and ordered to be recorded." Probably refers to Deed Book A- 1 for March 28, 1757, which has deed from John Beard to Vincent Glass, 200 acres both sides Falling River beginning at a maple on lower side of river to Joanes Corner onto Manley's line, for 50 pounds.

1760 - William Rutherford sold acres 1000 of land and his wife Agnes Beard released her dower rights. William was mentioned as the son of James Rutherford and his heir. 6/4/1760 Lunenburg County Deeds, book 2 page 261

1760 - Lunenburg Deed Bk 6 pg 262. Nov 1760 from James Logan of Lunenburg, to Peter Rawlins of Lunenburg, for 137 pounds, about 210 acres in Lunenburg on the South Side of Cub Creek and bounded by Turkey Cock Cr. Signed: James Logan. Wit: William Rutherford, John McNess, Thomas Paulet. Recorded Nov 4, 1760.

1763 - Lunenburg Will Bk 2, pag 184. Will of Matthew Campbell - Ex: Wm Rutherford, John Holt, and Peter Rawlings. Wit: Wm Rutherford, Peter Rawlins, John Holt and Peter MacCown.

1763 - Lunenburg Will Bk 2 pg 184. Will. Sep 13, 1763. Matthew Campbell of
Lunenburg Legal son John, daughter Salle, other children not named. 
Ex: William Rutherford, John Holt, and Peter Rawlins. WP Oct 13, 1763.

1763 - Lunenburg Will Bk 9 pg 273. Oct 13, 1763 from John Watson of Louisa County, to John Clarke of Lunenburg, for 40 pounds, 271 acres in Lunenburg & bounded by Kennon's and Rutherford's corner, Richard Adams, Matthew Watson. Signed - John Watson. Wit - James Taylor, John Holt, Peter Rawlins, William Rutherford. Recorded Oct 13, 1763. [William Kennon later became a provinicial congressman along with Griffith Rutherford and William Sharp for North Carolina in April of 1775 - "John Caldwell, an elder in the Chestnut Level Presbyterian Church in Lancaster County, Penna., is the recognized founder of the Cub Creek Congregation, in which movement he was ably assisted by Andrew and Thomas Cunningham, along with 14 others who purchased land, then in Brunswick County from Richard and William Kennon."

1764 - Lunenburg Will Bk 9 pg 354. Feb 9, 1764 from William Rutherford of Bedford Co., to Peter Rawlins of Lunenburg, for 66 pounds, 100 acres in Lunenburg on the branches of Cub Creek and bounded by trees. Signed: Wm Rutherford. Witness - none

1764 - Lunenburg Will Bk 2 Pg 210. An account of sales of the estate of Matthew Campbell dec'd Oct 19, 1763. Purchasers were: Wm Rutherford, Josias East Sarah Campbell, Wm Flemen Cock, James East, Collier Barksdale, Jos Davis, John Holt, James Mitchell, Rich'd Gideon, James Gideon, Wm Edwards, Alex'r _erryhill, Sam'l Allin, Peter Rawlins, John Caldwell, Robt Templeton, John Brent, Wm Price, Josias Campbell, Wm Hazlewood, Wm Rawlins, Wm Weatherford, Geo Welch, Joh__udgeon, Henry Barnes, Burwell Voden, Gidion Thomas, Richard _udgeon, John White, Arthur Slayton. Rec: Feb 9, 1764.

1766 - William Rutherford and others were among the signers of a petition in 1774 to the House of Burgesses from "Presbyterian dissenters of Peaks of Otter Church", Bedford county, a church which was organized before 1766 and which was one of the oldest Presbyterian churches in Virginia. 

1773 - William Rutherford patented 435 acres of land on both sides of east fork of the south fork of Beaver Creek 3/1/1773. Virginia Patents, #42, reel 41 page 155 VA State Library

1773 - 309 - CP# VPB41 p403-404, 15 June 1773, 13th yoR, D, William Rutherford  292 acres Albemarle Co. 

1774 - William Rutherford patented 358 acres of land on the west side of Falling River in Bedford County, VA 12/7/1774. Virginia Patents, #42, reel 41 page 897  VA State Library [present day Campbell County, VA]

1774 - William Rutherford and others were among the signers of a petition to the House of Burgesses from "Presbyterian dissenters of Peaks of Otter Church". The male members of the Peaks of Otter Presbyterian Church petitioned the VA House of Burgesses for permission to own slaves and land so that they could earn enough money to be able to pay for a minister. Their petition reiterated their willingness to "contribute our Quota in Support of the Church of England" and they recognized that they enjoyed "the free Exercises of our Religion as Presbyterian Dissenters unmolested" and requested the protection of the House so that they could continue to practice their religion which they "humbly conceive is well calculated to make men wise here and happy thereafter." The petition was signed by 102 men, including ten Mitchells, seven Dooleys, five Kennedys, six Ewings, four Reeds, three Campbells, three Beards and William Rutherford. They received permissison and bought four slaves: Kate, Tom, Jerry, and Venus.  

[Virginia Historical Magazine vol. 12
Published by the Virginia Historical Society. Vols. 1-68. 1893-1960]

Aug. 5, 1774 - Samuel Fleming and Elizabeth Rutherford married, d/o William Rutherford; John Forbes, Surety. 

Feb. 14, 1778 - James Russell and Rosannah Rutherford married, d/o William Rutherford; Robert Russell, Surety.

1779 - William Rutherford sold acres 1000 of land to David Ross. His 2nd wife Hannah Beard released her dower rights. 9/27/1779 Bedford County Deeds, book 6-F page 340

1780 - April 20, 1780, John Beard died. His will is recorded Bedford County, Virginia Will Book I, Pages 384-385. William Rutherford cited as a son-in-law. 

The will of John Beard mentions: wife, Elizabeth; granddaughter Elizabeth Campbell; daughter Elizabeth Campbell; granddaughter Isabel Boze; granddaughters Rosannah Russell, Jean Rutherford, Rachel Dixon, Ratchel Robinson; grandsons David Beard, Samuel Beard and Adam Beard; former son-in-law Edward Phair and son-in-law William Rutherford.

From "Virginia Historical Magazine" vol. 33:

1785 - Elizabeth Beard - "The 1785 Campbell County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List", District No. 2:  2 blacks under 16, 3 blacks over 16, 5 horses and 14 cattle.

The will of John Beard mentions: wife, Elizabeth; granddaughter Elizabeth Campbell; daughter Elizabeth Campbell; granddaughter Isabel Boze; granddaughters Rosannah Russell, Jean Rutherford, Rachel Dixon, Ratchel Robinson; grandsons David Beard, Samuel Beard and Adam Beard; former son-in-law Edward Phair; son-in-law William Rutherford. 

["Virginia Historical Magazine" vol. 33]

John Beard first patented 520 acres of land in 1725 in Prince George county, part of which county afterwards became Brunswick and later Lunenburg and later Bedford. He patented 400 acres in 1743 in Lunenburg; 364 acres in 1748 in Lunenburg; 402 acres in 1756 in Lunenburg Co.; and a John Beard patented 369 acres in 1749 and 400 acres in 1753 in Augusta Co..

William Rutherford died after February 1791, in Lunenburg County, Virginia. Agnes Beard, daughter of John and Elizabeth Beard of Lunenburg, now Bedford County, Virginia; m. William Rutherford. Hannah Beard, married William Rutherford, before 27 September 1779. William Rutherford was named as a son- in-law of John Beard in a deed 3 July 1750. William was named as son and heir-at-law of James Rutherford 4 June 1760 and his wife Agnes relinquished her dower rights. William sold a tract of land in Bedford County, Virginia, 27 September 1779 and his wife, Hannah, relinquished her dower rights. In 1780 John Beard again referred to William Rutherford as his son-in-law.

1749 John Beard of Lunenburg County to son-in-law William Rutherford "for love and affection", 150 acres, Lunenburg on Reedy Creek to River.  Recorded 3, July, 1750. signed by John Beard”. In 1749 William Rutherford deed for William Rutherford and wife Agnes Beard to William Acres, 350 acres lying on the upper side of Falling River, including both sides of Reedy Creek, this land granted by patent to John Beard, Jan 10, 1748. John Beard conveyed by deed to William Rutherford. Witnesses: William Bumpass and Thomas Dixon. recorded April 27, 1761.” (pg. 422) wife Agnes Beard Rutherford.

William Rutherford and others were among the signers of a petition in 1774 to the House of Burgesses from "Presbyterian dissenters of Peaks of Otter Church", Bedford county, a church which was organized before 1766 and which was one of the oldest Presbyterian churches in Virginia. The male members of the Peaks of Otter Presbyterian Church petitioned the VA House of Burgesses for permission to own slaves and land so that they could earn enough money to be able to pay for a minister. Their petition reiterated their willingness to "contribute our Quota in Support of the Church of England" and they recognized that they enjoyed "the free Exercises of our Religion as Presbyterian Dissenters unmolested" and requested the protection of the House so that they could continue to practice their religion which they "humbly conceive is well calculated to make men wise here and happy thereafter." The petition was signed by 102 men, including ten Mitchells, seven Dooleys, five Kennedys, six Ewings, four Reeds, three Campbells, three Beards and William Rutherford. They received permissison and bought four slaves: Kate, Tom, Jerry, and Venus.


----4. [#14] William Rutherford Jr.
b. 1749 possibly Cub Creek, Lunenburg Co., VA
d. 4/1809 Lincolnton, NC
m. [1]  Elizabeth

----4. Elizabeth Rutherford
m. [1]  Samuel Fleming 8/5/1774 Bedford, Virginia 

Oct. 1799, p. 77 - John Rutherford chosen as guardian by Frankey and Betsy Fleming. Appears to have been children of the deceased Abraham Fleming.  His widow was Frances aka Franky Fleming.

Burke County, North Carolina, Land Records and Miscellaneous Records 1751-1809 by Edith W. Huggins 

Court Minutes of Civil & Criminal Cases p. 67 - File 1779 - Promissory Notes to: John Rutherford to Abraham Fleming, June 2.

----4. John Rutherford Sr.
b. 10/5/1755
d. 5/9/1841

"Bridgewater" was the name given to the plantation of John Rutherford, Sr. (1755-1841) and his son, John Rutherford, Jr. (1809-1889). Their plantation was on the Catawba River near the mouth of Muddy Creek. The name "Bridgewater" came from Francis Egerton, 3rd Duke of Bridgewater (1736-1803). Francis Egerton was a famous designer of canals, one of which was called the Bridgewater Canal. This canal linked his mines in Worsley, England with Manchester and Liverpool. He was a friend of John Rutherford Sr. and Peter Rust (1762-1828), who moved their families "to this place of many waters" in 1781. The Rutherford family had come from Scotland and the Rust's were originally from Suffolk, England, however both families were natives of Bedford County, Virginia. Peter Rust was married to Elizabeth Ballew sister of John Rutherford Sr's wife, Susannah Ballew Rutherford. Peter and Elizabeth Rust had a daughter Cynthia who married a John Rutherford Walker in the early 1800's. They had a son John Rutherford Walker Jr. b. 30 Dec 1829.

The 1790 Burke Census reflects James Rutherford with 2 slaves; John Rutherford with 2 slaves; and William Rutherford with 5 slaves. In 1800, David Rutherford with 2 slaves; and John Rutherford with 0 slaves. By 1860, John Rutherford Jr. had acquired a large number of slaves in Burke City, NC. 

John Rutherford listed as a Juror and Grand Juror Burke NC numerous times 1791-1803, Bill of sale for one Negro wench and one Negro child from Joseph Wolfork to John 1792.  Burke 1815 tax list shows John Sr in Kibler's Company with sundry tracts on Catawba River and Muddy Creek--2000 acres worth $7000 with 12 black polls.  He entered 50 acres between his own line and Mrs Mason 4 Apr 1834.  John's land joined Philip Anthony on Reedy Branch 1865/70 (This would be John Jr)  

Joseph Ballew, 320a on S side of Catawba River, "where he now  lives" Oct 5, 1778 [Burke County Land Records, #792 pg 265]  When surveyed, only 250a were available, so Joseph did not get the full acreage. William Ballew and Peter Rust were chain carriers. The grant was not issued until 28 Oct 1782. This is now Rutherford College, about a mile upstream (west of) the location of Brian Connelly, who was on the north side of the Catawba River. 

Last will and testament of Robert Ballew, dec'd, proved by John Rutherford; 27 July 1801 Deed from Ruth (Rush) Hodge to Robert Ballew for 200a, Proved by Thomas Ballew, Recorded July 1811. [Burke County Court Records 1792-1843]

1832 October - Peter Ballew security on a sheriff's bond, Peter took oath as sheriff; Jesse Connelly overseer of road from Morganton to Asheville from Rutherford Bridge to marked Spanish or Chestnut Oak on the west end of ___ Mountain; Hands of Thomas Ballew, Andrew Hunter and sons, Israel Simmons, David M. Galliard, Rowlin Duncan, Wm Stallcup, John Rutherford Jr, etc. to work road. [Burke County Court Records 1792-1843]

John Rutherford is found in Burke NC census 1790, 1800, 1810, 1820, appears to be in son John Jr HH 1830/1840.  I believe he John Rutherford between 1840/50 in Burke NC. Burke Heritage book published 1981 has a sketch about John Jr.  It says he was the only son of John Rutherford Sr and Nancy Susannah Ballew Rutherford both of Bedford Co., VA. John Rutherford Jr was b. 18 Oct 1789.  There were also 3 daughters in this family--Cecila, Jane and Nancy. The family lived in a very large house on Muddy Creek at Bridgewater, Burke County NC. All six of them are buried in a family cemetery near the house which burned a good many years ago. None of the girls ever married. 

from the Burke County Heritage Book:

It was about 1651 that Col. William Ballou (Ballew) Sr., veteran English military officer, received grants from the king for his services and settled in Bedford County, Virginia. Rice Merideth Ballew and Bennett Ballew were sons of Col. William Ballew. They later left Virginia and settled in North Carolina. Bennett was killed by the Indians. 

Rice Merideth was the father of William Ballew Jr., who married Elizabeth Connelly in 1773. They had 15 children. As stated above, the first William Ballou came from England and settled in Virginia. From Virginia they came to North Carolina, first to Rowan County and then to Burke County. Allair's Diary credits William, Jr. as being in the second company of Burke County in 1790. Susannah, sister of William Ballew, Jr., born in 1757, married John Rutherford of Bridgewater. 

This information contributed by Frances Embry Davis, who cites the following sources: Edward W. Phifer, Jr., "Burke: The History of a North Carolina County"; Col. Thomas Walton, "Sketches of Pioneers of Burke County"; "Allair's Diary"; Adin Ballou, "The Ballous of America"; "The Lenoir Topic"; and stories told by Mrs. B. F. Davis, Sr.

Capt. John Connelly, 1 Aug 1744 - 16 July 1826, married Jane Ballew; children were Hugh, born in 1761, who married Lucy Ballew; James; Hugh; Mary; Rebecca; Elizabeth. 

-----5. John Rutherford Jr.

John Rutherford Jr was a wealthy and prominent man. He was greatly interested in education and became a close friend of a local preacher/minister. Upon visiting the small village of Excelsior, John at once proclaimed it an ideal spot for a town and gave his friend sufficient money to buy 200 acres to build a town. His friend founded Rutherford Academy at that location which later became Rutherford College which was later supported by Methodist Church until it was forced to close in 1933.

John Rutherford Jr. became one of the richest men in Burke NC and a man of wonderful information. He had collected one of the rarest and choicest libraries in that part of the state. When he became old and his eyesight failed, he advertised in a northern paper for a wife.  He advertised for an Elocutionist, one who could read to him and who loved reading. His ad was answered and he married Elizabeth Camp Dennison Jennings. They lived together 10 years. He died at the age 90 leaving his young widow over $80,000. He left his large and valuable library to Rutherford College.  He died 15 Mar 1880. 

The Town of Rutherford College, North Carolina was named for the college which was located in the area where Valdese General Hospital now presides. The hospital clinic was set up in one of the college dormitories which is used today as an administrative building for the hospital. Owl Hollow School in the community of Rutherford College was operated by Reverend Basil Gaither Jones until 1850. At that time, Reverend R.L. Abernethy, a preacher, a teacher, and a Lincoln County native residing in Lenoir, North Carolina, was asked to take over the school.

The school expanded in 1853 and was renamed Rutherford Academy due to the financial contributions received from John T. Rutherford Jr.. In 1857, the school had forty students. When the Union divided, military tactics and philosophy were taught, but the school was forced to close at the beginning of the Civil War. In 1868, R.L. Abernethy returned to the school and reopened it as Rutherford Seminary, a four year college, and the small community grew around the school and the town incorporated as Excelsior. Three years later the town was renamed Rutherford College. In 1888 Rutherford Seminary had ten professors and 200 students. In 1891 the college burned at its original site where the First Baptist Church now stands, but was rebuilt in 1893 at the present site of the Valdese General Hospital. Rutherford College was later merged with Weaver College in Buncombe County and Brevard Institute in Brevard, North Carolina. The town was dissolved in March, 1933, and was reincorporated on June 1, 1977.

"John Rutherford Sr. of Bridgewater, married Nancy Susannah Ballew, by whom he had five children, two sons and three daughters (being) John, Robert, Nancy, Celia, and Jane. John Rutherford Jr., one of the wealthiest of Burke's citizens, was in many respects a remarkable man. He was somewhat quaint and eccentric.  He was well-read in history and light literature. His place (home) was named after the Earl of Bridgewater, (not as many suppose, because he built a bridge crossing Muddy Creek, leading to his residence). With three maiden sisters, he lived a bachelor until he was 80 years old or more. Noted for his hospitality and benevolence, he endowed the college named for him, founded by it's successful president, R. L. Abernethy, who deserves credit, almost beyond words to express, for having given and continuing to give, an education to young men and women, fitting them for any vocation in life (so far as depends upon education), at a price so low as places almost within reach of all, and without, making large personal sacrifices. By his laudable philanthropic exertions, in this cause, he deserves an eulogy more enduring than this brief notice."

"Mr. Rutherford was myopic, what is commonly called near-sighted; so much so that he could not distinguish by form or feature his most intimate acquaintances, and, when meeting them, would never call their names until they had spoken.  From long practice, and from the well-known fact that if one of the organs of the body is defective, another is strengthened; correspondingly, he had become very expert in recognizing them either by tone of voice, or enunciation of those with whom he associated, and would soon after speak to them by name.  His manner was such as led them to believe that he thought he had deceived them as to his eyesight being defective, and this attempt to deceive was practiced by his own family.  In proof of this, one of his sisters was asked by my mother,  "Miss C., why don't you induce your brother to wear spectacles? They would be so useful and relieve him from his nearsightedness." She replied." Oh! Mrs. Walton. I would not do so on any account for fear of offending him.  He does not know or suspect that we are aware of this defect."  W. B. Rust, Esq., a near neighbor and maternal uncle, who, himself was near-sighted and wore glasses, in speaking of this idiosyncracy of his nephew, told me that once being in the room where Mr. Rutherford had been writing a letter at his desk, unfinished, he, Rutherford, left the room. He concluded that if Mr. Rutherford would only put on his (Rust's) specks, being adapted to his eyes and seeing the great advantage they would be to him, he would forego his prejudice against the use of them. Taking off his glasses and laying them on the desk near the letter in such a way as to know whether they had been moved, he left the room and, after remaining out some time, returned. The letter was finished, sealed and directed, the spectacles untouched, lying as he had placed them. This unparalleled singularity was the cause of narrow escapes, "by flood and field", some of which I shall omit. Crossing the bridge, on one occasion, he made a misstep, plunging ten feet into the turbid creek, fortunately but little hurt. Struggling to reach the shore, his wig which was not worn on account of baldness, came off.  He never wore another after the loss of this.  At the marriage of the Hon. Burton Craig to Elizabeth Erwin, oldest daughter of Col. James Erwin, there were a number of guests gathered from several counties. Mr. Rutherford was one of them.  He was fond of the ladies, and owing to his defective sight, when addressing them, usually brought his face very close to theirs. The wedding over, he took a seat near a belle from the valley of the Yadkin, extending his arms as though he purposed to embrace the fair one.  Alarmed, she sprang to her feet, crossed the room to a vacant corner, he following close with his long arms extended. Lightly dodging under them, she made her escape, leaving the persistent pursuer, still with extended arms, moving until striking the wall of the house.  He found the bird had escaped, and he was left standing, not cheered by the laughter of the merry crowd who had witnessed his discomfiture. Notwithstanding his eccentrics, he was possessed of so many good traits that he was held in the highest estimation by the best people of the county."

The Rutherford Sisters

"His (John Jr's)  sisters, Misses Nancy, Jane, and Celia, were pious, amiable, modest ladies. Miss Celia, the youngest, having associated more with other refined ladies of her set, was not so peculiar or eccentric as her sisters, who wore old-fashioned, long hood-shaped bonnets, of dark green silk, without bows, possibly indicating that they did not want to catch beaux.  However, this may be they were much attached to their bowless bonnets, which were certainly attached to them. In proof of this, I will give an incident. At home or abroad they were never seen without them.  About the year 1829 or 1830, these good ladies made mother a visit, and concluded , at her solicitation, to spend the night.  At the time there were several young girls of "sweet sixteen" boarding at my father's going to school. One of those was full of curiosity (not unusual with her sex) and mischief. Eliza G. Tate of "Hickory Grove" got permission to sleep in the same room with the Misses Rutherford, in which there were two beds, determined, as she said, to see  whether they slept in their bonnets. The next day, she gave the following account of what she witnessed: "I went to bed before they came upstairs. The fire was burning low when they entered the room. They sat down near the fire with bonnets on, whispering in low tones. I thought they never would go to bed. Finally, the fire went out, they undressed, put on their night robes, bonnets 'status quo' on their heads; when, lo ! They blew the candle out and all was dark. I said to myself, 'Never mind, old gals; I'll catch you in the morning.' I waked early; it was hardly light, and behold! There they sat in their night gowns with their everlasting bonnets on."  

"Miss Nancy Rutherford was twice engaged to be married. When her first engaged lover came prompt at the appointed time, a change had come "o'er the spirit of her dreams." She said to him, "I am not ready; the pockets of my wedding gown are still unmade." The quondam lover left disgusted, never to return. The second was not more fortunate than the first. When on reaching Morganton on his way to reach the abode of the intended bride on the evening of the day appointed for his wedding, he found it impossible to do so without risking his life by swimming the swollen waters of Silver and Muddy creeks. The next morning he hastened to explain and apologize. He found her in no fit mood to be appeased by explanations, apologies and regrets, but sent the crestfallen lover off with this parting thrust of the tongue: "If I am not worth the swimming of two small streams, I am not worth having."  

"Unless I am very much mistaken, a majority, if not all, of the fair sex, who honor the writer by reading these reminiscences of the olden time, will agree if either of these cold lovers' hearts had been pierced with cupid's darts he would have not been so easily repulsed, but enamoured, on bended knees, would have poured forth with suffused eyes, appeals of touching eloquence and fervidness, portraying the endless misery of his future life, caused by the cruel rejection of his proffered love. Her heart softened by these devotional appeals and by persistent perseverance afterward, the prospect for future success would have brightened, and possibly the dearest wish of his heart would have been realized."

["Old Morganton Herald" - 1894
by Col Thomas George Walton (1815-1905)]

----4. Isabel Rutherford
b. abt 1761
d. abt 1834 in Pitsylvania Co., VA
m. [1] Shadrack Boaz abt 1777 in Pittsylvania Co., VA
b. abt 1751 in Albemarle Co., became Buckingham Co., VA in 1761
d. bet. 1/02 - 4/30/1817 in Pittsylvania Co., VA


-----5. William Boaz 
b. 6/27/1778 Pittsylvania Co., VA
d. 10/27/1852 Maury Co., TN

-----5. Thomas Boaz 
b. 11/17/1780 VA
d. 1833 Davidson Co., TN

-----5. Nancy [Nancie] Boaz 
b. 3/6/1782 Pittsylvania Co., VA
m. [1] James Still Pittsylvania Co., VA

-----5. Phoebe Boaz 
b. 6/10/1785 Pittsylvania Co., VA
m. [1] Thomas I. Boaz September 12, 1811 Pittsylvania Co., VA

-----5. Rosana [Roseanna] Boaz 
b. 12/3/1787 Pittsylvania Co., VA
m. [1] John Jones, December 15, 1812 Pittsylvania Co., VA
b. abt 1786

-----5. Davis Rutherford Boaz
b. 4/24/1790 VA
d. 1/19/1862 Callaway Co., KY

-----5. Elenor "Nelly" Boaz 
b. 11/13/1792 Pittsylvania Co., VA
m. [1] Thomas Reynolds 3/5/1811, Pittsylvania Co., VA

-----5. Lydia Boaz
b. 5/19/1795 Pittsylvania Co., VA
d. 1863

-----5. Rebecca Boaz
b. 12/17/1797 Pittsylvania Co., VA
m. [1] Stephen Smith 12/18/1815, Pittsylvania Co., VA

-----5. Mary Anthony "Polly" Boaz
b. 6/2/1800 Pittsylvania Co., VA
d. 6/28/1880 Graves Co., KY

----4. James Rutherford
b. 1755-1765
m. [1]  Margaret "Peggy" Ann Moore 
b. 7/14/1764 in Mecklenburg Co., NC
d. aft 1820 in Buncombe Co., NC
married bef 1784 in Burke Co., NC
d/o William Hamilton Moore
b. abt 1726 Ulster, IRE
d. 11/11/1812 Buncombe Co., NC
d/o Ann Cathey b. 1743 in Augusta Co., VA
christened 4/3/1743 in Augusta Stone Presbyterian Church, Augusta Co., VA. 
d. bef. 1774 in Rowan Co., NC. 
married bef. 1765 in Rowan Co., NC

William H. Moore had at least 6 children, although there is some debate which were by Ann Cathey and which by Margaret Patton [Rutherford]. It has been suggested that Margaret "Dolly" Rutherford was Gen. Griffith Rutherford's sister and was widowed with the name Patton. 

[see: "The History of Western North Carolina" - Preston] 

Burke County, North Carolina, Land Records and Miscellaneous Records 1751-1809 by Edith W. Huggins - p. 161 - File 1790 - Jos. Dobson, Sr. vs. James Rutherford.  Bond:  David Rutherford, 2 papers on file, July. 

Ordered by court that George Cathey Sr., James Chambers, Jonathan McPheeters, David McPheeters, Joseph McPheeters, John Davidson, James Adams, Austin Hightower, James Rutherford, Oldham Hightower, Senr., Ben Hawkins, James Hawkins, John Nelson & Samuel Davidson be a jury to view mark and lay off a road the nearest and best way from the Court house to Jonathan McPheeter's on Hominy Creek and report to July sessions in 1795. Buncombe County Court Minutes.

On 24 Oct 1831 Jesse Morgan received two deeds. The first was for 137 acres on the North Fork of Hominy Creek, from Robert W. H. Rutherford, and the next was for 150 acres on Hominy Creek from Zachariah Candler.  (Buncombe Co., NC Deed Book 141 page 494, and Deed Book 141 page 500).

James Rutherford served Burke jury duty several times 1792-1795 and a Grand Juror in 1793.  

James Rutherford was the defendant in the following cases: 
i. James Rutherford vs. Dobson 1791
ii. James Rutherford vs Ab Plumley 1793
iii. James Rutherford vs Ute Sherrill 1796 and appeal
iv. James Rutherford vs David Tate with Isaac Martin as co-defendant with James.  Defendant James Rutherford moved from County--execution from Justice of Peace for 15 pounds plus--No goods found--Court ordered Sheriff of Buncombe Co., to collect debt Apr 1798.  

James Rutherford was the plaintiff in the following cases:
i. James Rutherford vs Richard Farr - 1794
ii. James Rutherford vs Joseph Cowin - 1794
iii. James Rutherford entered 100 acres both sides Hominey Creek 1787 with William Moore. Another researcher shows land entry on Webb's Creek on North Fork Hominy Creek Buncombe NC 1787 which is probably the same entry. 
James Rutherford bought an iron wedge and 1 cow at the estate sale of David Nelson in 1790.  

One census record James Rutherford: 1790 in Burke NC. James Rutherford had 1 male over 16, 2 males under 16, 3 females, 2 slaves.  

The following is a true statement of services performed by the spies on the frontier of Buncombe County from and after the 27th day of June 1795. Most of the people named appear to have lived in the western part of Buncombe County.  Some of this area is in present Haywood County.  The document here is edited, showing only the name of the person, and the number of days in service.  They all entered service on 27 Jun 1795. 

1-Nathan Dever - 26 days  
2-William Stringfield - 26  
3-John Welch - 26  
4-Gabriel Keith - 26  
5-Ebenezer Fain - 25 
6-Jonathan McPeeters - 25 days  
7-John McClure - 25 
8-Samuel Neill - 25  
9-George Cathy -25  
10-James Glass - 24 
11-John Morrow - 24 days  
12-John Robinson - 22 
13-Handley Vaughan - 19 days  
14-John Nelson - 18 
15-John Stringfield - 19  
16-Austin Chote - 19  
17-Joseph McPeeters - 19 days  
18-John Davidson - 19 days 
19-James Rutherford - 19  
20-John Bradley - 19 
21-David McPeeters  - 19 days.

The report was then sworn to: State of North Carolina, Buncombe County.  The foregoing persons (excepting Austin Chote, Joseph McPeeters, John Davidson, James Rutherford, John Bradley, and David McPeeters) personally appeared before me and made oath in due form of law that they were in active on the frontiers the number of days charged opposite their respective names. Sworn to the 27th of July 1795 before William Davidson,  JP.  Attached to the list and sworn affidavit, was a sworn affidavit of D. Vance, Lt.Col. 

State of No. Carolina, Buncombe County.  I hereby certify that on the 27th of June (1795) that I engaged the forementioned spies and placed them out on the frontiers with orders to watch the motions of the Indians and give the necessary information-- I have good reason to believe, were faithful to the discharge of their duty and attended the number of days charged in their payroll.  Austin Close, Joseph McPeeters, John Davidson, James Rutherford, John Bradley, and David  McPeeters were not present at the time the others were qualified and neglected proving their attendance, but I believe and know that some of them were attentive to their duty.  Given under my hand Novr. 20th 1795…………D Vance, Lt. Col.

State vs. Jas. Davidson: Indt.P.Lar. Jury empnad. & sworn to wit: Jos. Austin, James McMahan, Ben. Hawkins, James Dunsmore, John Gooch, Robert Harris, Geo. Ramsey, Jos. Gash, John Craig, James Rutherford, James Clemons, Nathan Smith. - BUNCOMBE COUNTY COURT MINUTES - JULY SESSION 1795

----4. Jane Rutherford
m. [1] Robert Russell Jr. 1/2/1775
d. in Oglethorp, GA in 1803
note: Robert Russell Jr. 
b. VA 1754, Revolutionary War veteran 
Robert's parents:
Ann Beard [d/o John Beard] b. 1727 and Robert Russell Sr. b. 1728 Ireland 
d. 1791 Campbell Co. VA
will: 8/17/1803 and 2/3/1804
burial: Russell family graveyard on Rt 29 Lynchburg VA - Flat Creek Campbell Co. VA

-----5. Amy Russell
-----5. Patsey Russell
-----5. William Russell
-----5. Polly Russell
-----5. Nancy Russell
-----5. Robert Russell Jr. 
-----5. James Russell

----4. Rosannah Rutherford
b. 5/22/1759 
d. 11/5/1833
m. [1] James Russell 2/14/1778 in Bedford Co. VA
b. 1754 
d. 1826
s/o Robert Russell Sr. and Ann Beard

-----5.  Pleasant Russell b: 3/27/1779
d. 07-22-1830 Hickman, TN
interred w/ Dosia in Hickman Co., TN, Mayberry Cemetery
m. [1]  Dosia Mayberry 
b. Liberty, Bedford Co., VA 1785
d. 12-06-1855 in Hickman Co., TN
married near Peaks of Otter, Bedford, VA, 8 Aug 1806

----4. David Rutherford 

----4. Robert Rutherford 

----4. Jean Rutherford

Generation 14 - 4th Generation in America

----4. [#14] William Rutherford Jr.
b. 1749
d. aft. 3/18/1809 Lincolnton, Lincoln Co., NC  
m. [1]  Elizabeth

March 3, 1785 - Promissory note from Ben Ballew to David Nelson
Witness: William Rutherford 
Burke County, NC Land Records, 1779-1790, page 120

1786 - William Rutherford Jr. was a petitioner for tax relief in the Three Creeks area of Burke County, NC

1793 - William Rutherford mentioned in his last will in Court Jan 1793 he entered 143 acres on Paddy's Creek 1778, his land joined Isaac Ferrell on Paddy's Creek 

1793 - William Rutherford was a petitioner for tax relief in Three Creeks area Burke NC 1786. Listed only on 1790 Burke census with 2 males over 16, 2 females and 5 slaves. One of the males was his son, David since he is not on 1790 census and he still had one daughter at home.

Last Will and Testament of William Rutherford
3/18/1809 Lincoln Co. , North Carolina
wife - Elizabeth 
eldest son - James Rutherford
second son - John Rutherford
youngest son - Isaac L. Rutherford
son - David P. Rutherford
daughter - Anny Rutherford
executor - John McCaver and James McCaver. 
witnesses - James McCaver, James McCaver Jr., John McCaver 

-----5. John Rutherford 
b. Burke Co., NC
d. 6/1850 Washington Co., IN

John Rutherford's large extended family lived side by side with the descendants of his brother David Rutherford's descendants [our line] in the Salem, Indiana area of Washington County. John lived to the east of Salem in an area which is still called Rutherford Hollow and our David lived to the west of town near Posey and Livonia, IN.

m. [1] Sarah Sloan 9/17/1804 Wayne Co., KY
b. abt 1785 in PA
d/o Reverend William Sloan, Sr. 
b. between 1758 - 1773 in VA 
and Matilda Burnett 
b. 1785 in VA

"Rutherford, John and Sarah Sloan Surety, William Sloan. Married 17 September 1804 by Nicholas Loyd JP." - "Wayne County Kentucky Marriages and Vital Records 1801-1860, Volume 2. Marriages K-Z" June Baldwin Bork 1972 Page: 109 

-----5. David Rutherford 
b. abt 1770 Burke Co., North Carolina
m. [1] Mary Hyatt
b. abt 1771 Burke Co., North Carolina
d. abt 1837 Tennessee
divorced: between 1801 and 1808

-----5. Anna [Annie] Rutherford - Burke Co., NC
m. [1] Robert Fleet

-----5. Rachael Rutherford
b. abt 1775
d. bef. 1811 Rutherford Co. NC
m. [1] Ebenezer Newton Jr. April 8, 1795 Lincoln Co., NC, 
b. abt 1761 York Co., PA 

Ebenezer Newton's will, Dated: 29 April 1811 in the State of North Carolina, County of Rutherford, and he named seven children: Benjamin, William, Ebernezer, Martha, John, Thomas, and George. 

["Marriage Bonds of Tryon and Lincoln Counties, NC" 
by Curtis Bynum, 1929 (1962)] 

----4. Mary Newton - married Thomas Hendrick
----4. Betsy Newton
----4. John Newton 
b. abt 1796

-----5. Ellener Rutherford
m. [1] Ebenezer Newton Jr. - 2nd wife [1st wife was Ellener's sister Rachael]

----4. Benjamin Newton
----4. William Newton
----4. Ebernezer Newton
----4. Martha Newton
----4. Thomas Newton
----4. George Newton

bride: Ellener Rutherford
groom: Ebenezer Newton
bond date: 3/23/1803
county: Lincoln
record #01094
bondsman: William Rutherford
witness: John Greaves
bond #000074744

Generation 15 - 5th Generation in America

-----5. [#15] David Rutherford 
b. abt 1770 Burke Co., North Carolina
m. [1]  Mary Hyatt
b. abt 1771 Burke Co., North Carolina
d. in Macon Co., NC - 1841
divorced: between 1801 and 1808

Burke County, North Carolina, Land Records and Miscellaneous Records 1751 1809 by Edith W. Huggins - p. 161 - File 1790 - Joseph Dobson, Sr. vs. James Rutherford.  Bond:  David Rutherford, 2 papers on file, July. Dr. Joseph Dobson was from Lunenburg County, Virginia and served on Rutherford’s 1776 Cherokee Expedition. Dr. Joseph Dobson was Mary Hyatt's brother's father-in-law - Seth Hyatt.

David Rutherford qualified with Robert Montgomery as Exec. of William Rutherford's estate Jan 1793 and about same time received deed of gift from William of Negro man. Robert Montgomery was probably a son-in-law although marriage records between Montgomery and Rutherford have not been located.

David Rutherford gave security for Robert Montgomery to be Administrator of estate of Bridget Montgomery Oct 1798.  

David Rutherford served on a Burke NC jury a number of times; 1793, 1798 and was a Grand Juror in 1796.  

There was a deed for 143 acres from David Rutherford to William Connelly dated 3 Apr 1797. William Connelly was married to Rebecca Sherrill and was the son of John and Jane Ballew Connelly. His brother was Israel Pickens Connelly.

A deed for 155 acres from Strawbridge Young to David Rutherford dated 4 Oct 1799. Strawbridge Young, the son of Thomas Young and Naomi Hyatt. Thomas Young and Naomi Hyatt were David Rutherford's wife's [Mary Hyatt] aunt and uncle - Strawbridge was her 1st cousin. Naomi being the sister of Mary Hyatt's father Hezekiah Hyatt. Strawbridge Young was the first Young to settle in what would become Yancey County, NC. He was born March 4, 1772, and was probably named for Methodist minister Robert Strawbridge. [see Hyatt family records]

David Rutherford was appointed road overseer from Morrow Ford on North Fork to Paddy's Creek Ford on Linville Ridge Oct 1801 and replaced Jan 1803. This is in present McDowell, NC. 

David Rutherford received a land grant in Burke NC Dec 1814.  

David Rutherford made purchases at the Old Morganton (Burke Co.) NC store in 1792 along with John and James Rutherford [brothers].  

David Rutherford is listed in the 1800 and 1810 census records:

Burke NC 1800 census: 2 males 0-10, 1 male 26-45, 3 females 0-10, 1 female 26-45, 2 slaves.

John Carson and Lidy Cox married Jul 25, 1809 - David Rutherford - bondsman - no witness - Burke County, NC

1810 Burke NC census: 1 male 10-16, 1 male 16-26, 1 male 26-45, 3 females 10-16, 1 slave. [Mary Hyatt does not appear in this census]

David Rutherford and Mary Hyatt were divorced sometime between 1801 and 1808 and David migrated to Indiana sometime between 1814 and 1818.

William Stallcup and Mary Hyatt Rutherford were married on 10/27/1808 and they moved to Jackson Co. Tennessee. William was born 4/23/1786 in Orange Co., NC and died in 1878 and is believed to be buried near Sweetwater, TN. He was married twice: first to Mary Hyatt in 1808 [she is shown as daughter of Hezekiah Hyatt] and later, after Mary's death to Sinna/Linna Sanders 5/29/1843 in Macon Co., NC. There were 11 children by the first marriage and 4 by second. None of the names shown match the Rutherford children. William Stallcup and his wife Mary Hyatt Rutherford Stallcup are believed to be the ancestors of all the Stalcups currently living in Western North Carolina. Mary Birchfield Hyatt's estate belongings were listed for sale on July 20, 1837.

David Rutherford m. [2] Nancy Jennings Gee 
Nancy Gee married David Rutherford 2/22/1818 Washington Co., IN
Nancy was the widow of Mark Gee d. in Casey Co., KY in 1811 m. 1803

Nancy Gee was appointed guardian to John, Martha, Rhoda and Josiah Gee in the January 1817 probate records [vol A-pg 54] of Washington Co., IN. Sureties were James McKinney and Elias Williams. This proceeding also was recorded in Casey Co., KY, deed records (bk 2, p 350). 

Mark Gee and Nancy Jennings 
m. 5/9/1803 in Mercer Co., KY
d. in Casey Co., KY in 1811

four children:
John (c1804-1872)
Martha (1805-1849)
Rhoda (c1808)
Josiah Gee (c1810-1876)

Nancy Jennings Gee Rutherford lived in Washington Co., IN in 1817

The 1820 US census shows David Rutherford with seven children, four of whom match the age ranges of the Gee children. [Four girls/three boys] The appearance of three additional children indicates either that David Rutherford had other children from an earlier marriage, or he and Nancy had two children between 1818-1820. There are three missing daughters from David's first marriage.

Three of the Gee children were married in Washington County; John later moved to Clay Co., IL,  while Martha and Josiah settled in Boone Co., IN.

------6. [#16] William Rutherford 
b. abt 1793 Burke Co., North Carolina
d. 11/2/1855 Washington Co., IN 
m. [1]  Anna McKinney [NC perhaps VA]
b. abt 1794 in IN
d. 10/4/1864 Washington Co., IN

------6. Hezekiah Hyatt Rutherford
b. 8/11/1800 North Carolina
d. 5/3/1882 Washington Co., IN
buried Madison Twsp Cemetery, IN 
m. [1]  Catherine Hammer 
b. abt 1798 Maryland

-------7. Nancy Rutherford
b. abt 1823 Washington Co., IN
Burke Co., North Carolina
m. Thomas Trueblood 7/9/1857 Washington Co., Indiana
born 1814 in Washington County, IN
died July 24, 1892 in Washington County, IN
(1) Nancy Rutherford February 13, 1844
(2) Martha J. Hopkins July 09, 1857 in Salem, IN. 

children of Thomas Trueblood and Nancy Rutherford are: 

--------8. Samuel Trueblood
b. 1846, Washington County, IN
m. Orpha Combs, January 10, 1897

--------8. Sarah Jane Trueblood
b. August 28, 1849, IN
d. November 24, 1935, Washington County, IN.

children of Thomas Trueblood and Martha Hopkins are: 

--------8. Joseph Ransom Trueblood
b. September 14, 1858, Washington County, IN
d. July 02, 1929, Lawrence, IN.

--------8. Ella Mariah Trueblood
b. July 29, 1871, Washington County, IN
d. May 13, 1943, Lebo, Kansas.

--------8. Elizabeth Trueblood
b. July 25, 1873, Washington County, IN
d. November 24, 1943, Washington County, IN.
--------8. James Newton Trueblood
b. July 25, 1873
d. February 09, 1956, Washington County, IN
m. Sarah Wynn, November 15, 1892, Salem, IN

-------7.  Hezekiah Hyatt Rutherford Jr.
b. 1831 Washington Co., IN
m. [1] Maria Jane Catlin 3/17/1853 Orange Co., IN
b. abt 1831

--------8. Robert Rutherford
b. 1854

-------7.  Martha Jane A. Rutherford
b. 4/20/1835 Washington Co., IN
d. 6/12/1892 Floyd Co., IN
m. [1] Jonathan Peter 12/25/1866 Washington Co., IN
s/o John Radcliff Peter and Permelia "Milly" Tatum
b. 7/22/1833 Orange Co., IN
d. 3/12/1898 New Albany, Floyd Co., IN

--------8. Claudia Peter
b. 7/1869 New Albany, Floyd Co., IN
d. 11/8/1944 New Albany, Floyd Co., IN

--------8. Phoebe Peter
b. abt 1872 New Albany, Floyd Co., IN

--------8. Eleanor Peter
b. abt 1875 New Albany, Floyd Co., IN
d. aft. 1921 

--------8. Ada Hyatt Peter
b. 2/1868 New Albany, Floyd Co., IN

--------8. Martha Annette Peter
b. 5/1878 New Albany, Floyd Co., IN
d. 12/16/1918 New Albany, Floyd Co., IN
burial: New Albany, Floyd Co., IN

------6. Hannah Rutherford 
b. between 1790 and 1800
Burke Co., North Carolina
d. abt 1846 Clay Co. IL 
married Adam Trinkle 7/31/1817
son of Chris Trinkle
Washington Co., IN - Posey twsp 1820 Census
Trinkle, Adam   218     000100  20100   100
Hannah Rutherford m. [1] Adam Trinkle Washington 07-31-1817

-------7.  Jemima Trinkle 
m. [1] Fielden Bridgewater
-------7.  Elizabeth Trinkle 
m. [1] John Wilson
-------7.  Alexander Trinkle 
m. [1] Margaret Riley
-------7.  Nancy Trinkle 
m. [1] Robert Montgomery
-------7.  Milly Trinkle 
m. [1] James Tungate
-------7.  Angeline Trinkle 
m. [1] Felix Cockerham

-------7.  Felix Trinkle
m. [1]  Rebecca Golden
b. 11/12/1823/7 in Crawford Co., IN
d. 5/17/1899 in Rochester, Sangamon Co., IL.
married 08/28/1842 Clay Co., IL
m. [1]   Felix Trinkle 
son of Adam Trinkle and Hannah Rutherford
m. [2]  William Colclasure August 24, 1847 in Clay Co., IL.
mentioned in Malinda Rutherford Gutherie's will as her nephew
son of Polly/Mary Trinkle and Jacob Colclasure 
m. 8/20/1817 Wash. Co. IN 
--------8.  Margaret J. Trinkle  b. 1843

-------7.  Stephen Trinkle
-------7.  Alexander Trinkle
-------7.  Henry H. Trinkle

------6. unknown daughter 
b. between 1790 and 1800
Burke Co., North Carolina

------6. unknown daughter
b. between 1790 and 1800
Burke Co., North Carolina

Generation 16 - 6th Generation in America

------6. [#16] William Rutherford
b. 5/7/1793 
d. 11/2/1855
burial: Posey Cemetery, Madison Township, Washington Co., IN 
m. [1]  Anna McKinney

["Washington Co., IN Madison Township Cemeteries"]

-------7. John Rutherford - [twin]
b. abt 1822 
d. 1894 
burial: Posey Cemetery, Madison Township, Washington Co., IN
m. [1]  Magdaline Jones b. abt 1822
married 8/24/1841 Washington Co., IN
Magdaline's sister, Margaret Jones, was living with them in 1850
m. [2]  Polly Ann McKinney [Mary B. McKinney] 8/31/1878
b. 2/1842 in KY

--------8. Theodore Franklin Rutherford 
b. 7/22/1879 
d. 12/13/1959
burial: Livonia Cemetery, Madison Township, Washington Co., IN 
m. [1] Sarah Crane 2/26/1900 Washington Co., IN 
b. 2/1881 IN

---------9. Edith B. Rutherford 
b. 1902 Washington Co., IN 
d. 1958
burial: Livonia Cemetery, Madison Township, Washington Co., IN
m. [1] Everett Cleo Wright 8/6/1924 

----------10. Leslie E. Wright
----------10. Doris Jean Wright 
----------10. Roy Menlo Wright 
----------10. Wilma R. Wright 
----------10. Melvin R. Wright 

---------9. Ray Rutherford 

---------9. Marie Rutherford 

---------9. Russell Raymond Rutherford 
b. 6/10/1904
d. 6/29/1974
burial: Crown Hill Cemetery, Washington Co., IN

----------10. Jerry L. Rutherford of Salem, Indiana passed away Friday, April 30, 2010 at 9:08 pm in Meadow View Health Care Center in Salem at the age of 74 years, 9 months and 22 days. He was born on July 8, 1935 in Salem, he was the son of the late Russell Ray Rutherford and Ruby Blanche (Davis) Rutherford. 

---------9. Harold Rutherford 
b. 5/13/1911
d. 5/13/1911
burial: Livonia Cemetery, Madison Township, Washington Co., IN

---------9. John Lester Rutherford 
b. 3/8/1913 Washington Co., IN
d. 10/21/1977 IN
burial: Kansas Cemetery, Howard Township, Washington Co., IN
m. [1] Audrey Olive Marshall 11/10/1934
d/o Carlos Roy Raymond Marshall and Talma M. Bishop 
b. 4/27/1916

----------10. Donald L. Rutherford
b. 12/10/1935
d. 3/5/1987
m. [1]  Carol Brown

----------10. Rev. Rodney Vaugh Rutherford
b. 7/28/1937 Livonia, Washington Co., IN
m. [1] Brenda Ellen Luttrell 6/2/1963 Madison, IN
b. 8/13/1942 Fremont, OH
d/o John W. Luttrell and Elsie Jane Myers

Rodney V. and Brenda E. Rutherford
4700 Gold Mine Dr NE 
Sugar Hill, GA 30518 

-----------11. Debra Joan Rutherford
b. 5/23/1964

-----------11. Kevin Von Rutherford
b. 3/21/1967

-----------11. Brett Alan Rutherford
b. 10/10/1969 Lusaka, Zambia

----------10. Larry J. Rutherford
b. 5/6/1943

----------10. Janet Mae Rutherford
m. [1] Chet Lamb

---------9. Anna Marie Rutherford 
b. 3/23/1915 
d. 11/19/1968
burial: Kansas Cemetery, Howard Township, Washington Co., IN 
m. [1] Martin Marshall Voyles 8/25/1935

----------10. Ruth Ann Voyles
----------10. Gary W. Voyles
----------10. Carolyn Sue Voyles 
----------10. David M. Voyles 

--------8. Elmer R. Rutherford
b. 9/1880

--------8. Anna L. Rutherford
b. 4/1882
m. [1] Willie Worrell 1/8/1906

-------7.  Elizabeth Louisa Rutherford [twin]
b. 2/2/1822
d. 6/19/1891
m. [1]  George H. Murphy
m.  8/23/1842 Washington Co., IN
m [2] William J. Elliott , Jr. 6/7/1865
burial: Posey Cemetery, Madison Township, Washington Co., IN 

-------7.  Susan Rutherford

-------7.  William McKinney Rutherford 
b. 1/2/1824 Washington Co., IN
d. 3/22/1880 Washington Co., IN
m. [1] Maranda Emaline Hagan 9/17/1848 Marion Co., IA
b. 10/3/1830 Washington Co., IN
d. 7/23/1907 Washington Co., IN

-------7. Joseph Rutherford
b. 11/2/1825 Washington Co., IN
d. 6/27/1892 Washington Co., IN
burial: Posey Cemetery, Madison Township, Washington Co., IN
m. [1]  Zionia Mildarine Hardin 3/16/1848 Washington Co., IN
b. 3/30/1832
d. 12/7/1858
burial: Posey Cemetery, Madison Township, Washington Co., IN
Zionia Mildarine Hardin d/o John Hardin and Elizabeth Ash
John Hardin 
b. 6/23/1798 Burke Co., NC
d. 5/15/1882 Washington Co., IN 
Elizabeth Ash
b. Nelson Co., KY
d. 8/23/1838 Washington Co., IN

gravestone reads:
Zionia - wife of Joseph Rutherford
d. Dec. 7, 1858
Aged 30 yrs. 8 mos. 7 days
"She is not dead, but sleepeth."

--------8. John L. McKinney Rutherford 
b. 6/7/1849 Washington Co., IN
d. 8/4/1922 Washington Co., IN
burial: Claysville Cemetery, Vernon Township, Washington Co., IN
m. [1] Sarah Frances Fox  2/26/1879  Washington Co., IN
b. 10/15/1847  Shelby Co., KY
d. 12/31/1937  Washington Co., IN
burial: Claysville Cemetery, Washington Co., IN
d/o John Fox  
b. 8/14/1802 NC
d. 5/10/1864 Washington Co., IN
and Elizabeth Bivins (Bevins)  
b. 10/20/1811 KY
d. 3/29/1896 Washington Co., IN

Family of John L. McKinney Rutherford  and Sarah Frances Fox

---------9. Edwin Ray Rutherford 
b. 4/14/1885  Wash. Co., IN
d. 12/7/1972  Wash. Co., IN
burial: Claysville Cemetery
m. [1] Fern Victoria Wible 12/24/1914 Orange Co., IN
b. 1/26/1890  Wash. Co., IN
d. 2/4/1976  Orange Co., IN
burial: Claysville Cemetery
d/o John Mitchell Wible 
b. 10/6/1852 Orange Co., IN
d. 6/17/1924 Orange Co., IN
and Martha Van Cleave  
b. 8/19/1853 Wash. Co., IN
d. 8/8/1929  Wash. Co., IN

----------10. Elizabeth Frances
b. 11/11/1915  Wash. Co., IN
m. [1] 12/9/1936 Wilbur Hackney ( deceased)
two children

----------10. Ruth Annette
b. 12/7/1916  Wash. Co., IN
m. [1] 10/24/1953 Paul Wesley Seabrook (deceased)
no children

----------10. Edith Ray (deceased)
b. 5/23/1918  Wash. Co., IN
m. [1] 3/25/1942 Glenn Newlin  ( deceased)
three children

----------10. John Wible Rutherford
b. 7/18/1921  Wash. Co., IN
m. [1] Naomi Ruth Chastain 11/171942 Bayonne, NJ
b. 8/26/1923  Wash. Co., IN
d/o Omer Oliver Chastain 
b. 6/11/1883 Wash. Co., IN
d. 10/21/1970 Wash. Co., IN
and Lula Attie Cornwell  
b. 9/4/1889 Orange Co., IN                 
d. 1/21/1949 Wash. Co., IN

-----------11. Patricia Ann Rutherford
b. 12/8/1950  Wash. Co., IN
m. [1]  Robert Boyd Boling  12/5/1969  Wash Co., IN; divorced 1973
m. [2]  James Arthur Ritz  5/27/1978  Orange Co., IN
James Ritz b. 9/11/1942

------------12. Bradley Marc Boling
b. 24 July 1970  Bartholomew Co., IN

----------10. Imogene Catherine
b. 28 Dec. 1924  Wash. Co., IN
married 6 April 1946 Bernard CHASTAIN  (now divorced)

---------9. Robert Scott Rutherford
married Mabel CLIPP

--------8. William A. Rutherford 
b. 6/17/1851 Washington Co., IN
d. 1/6/1854 Washington Co., IN
burial: Posey Cemetery, Madison Township, Washington Co., IN
gravestone reads:
William A.
d. Jan. 6, 1854                        
Aged 2 y. 2 m. 10 D.

--------8. Mary Evaline Rutherford 
b. 1854  Washington Co., IN
d. 5/13/1873 Washington Co., IN
burial: Posey Cemetery, Madison Township, Washington Co., IN
m. [1] Ichabod G. Crane

--------8.  Sarah M. Rutherford
b. 1855 Washington Co., IN

--------8. Laura A. Rutherford 
b. 7/11/1856 Washington Co., IN
d. 9/21/1858 Washington Co., IN
burial: Posey Cemetery, Madison Township, Washington Co., IN
gravestone reads:
Laura A.
d. Sept. 21, 1858
Aged 2 y. 6m. 19 D. 

--------8.  Franklin Leroy Rutherford
b. 9/23/1858 Washington Co., IN
3/18/1943 Washington Co., IN
burial: Livonia Cemetery, Madison Township, Washington Co., IN
m. [1] Louisa Blanche Gresham 9/30/1879
d/o Isaac Gresham
b. 7/25/1857 Washington Co., IN
d. 1/18/1905 Washington Co., IN
burial: Livonia Cemetery, Madison Township, Washington Co., IN

---------9. Ida B. Rutherford
b. 10/1882 Washington Co., IN

---------9. Otto P. Rutherford
b. 3/18/1884 Washington Co., IN

After Zionia Hardin died, Joseph Rutherford married her younger, half-sister Sarah Catherine Hardin before 1862.

Sarah Catherine Hardin
b. 5/16/1841
d. 5/19/1871
burial: Posey Cemetery, Madison Township, Washington Co., IN
d/o John Hardin and Jane Wilson

Joseph and Sarah Catherine had the following children:

--------8. Emory Rutherford 
b. 2/25/1862 Washington Co., IN
d. 11/3/1920 Washington Co., IN
burial: Crown Hill Cemetery, Washington Co., IN 
m. [1] Anna Ella Colglazier 4/1/1885, Washington Co., IN
d/o William Colglazier and Annis Dauble
b. 7/22/1862 Washington Co., IN
d. 7/13/1910 Washington Co., IN
burial: Crown Hill Cemetery, Washington Co., IN

---------9. Clyde Otis Rutherford 
b. 1/26/1886 Washington Co., IN
d. 2/7/1965 Washington Co., IN
burial: Crown Hill Cemetery, Washington Co., IN
m. [1] Nellie Pearl Cauble 3/5/1913, Washington Co., IN

----------10. Lawrence C. Rutherford 
b. 12/29/1922 Washington Co., IN
d. 1/30/1993 Washington Co., IN
burial: Crown Hill Cemetery, Washington Co., IN
m. [1] Mary Jean Etzler

----------10. Eupha L. Rutherford 
b. 11/14/1891 Washington Co., IN
d. 10/9/1971 Washington Co., IN
burial: Crown Hill Cemetery, Salem, Washington Co., IN
m. [1] Lotus Howard Colglazier 5/17/1913, Washington Co., IN

-----------11. Catherine Colglazier 
-----------11. Margaret Colglazier 

----------10. Gene Darrell Rutherford 
b. 3/16/1925 Washington Co., IN
d. 2/28/1985 Washington Co., IN
burial: Crown Hill Cemetery, Washington Co., IN
m. [1] Marietta Burton

-----------11. Darrell Lynn Rutherford 
b. 8/7/1962 Washington Co., IN
d. 2/17/1980 Washington Co., IN
burial: Crown Hill Cemetery, Salem, Washington Co., IN

-----------11. Timothy Dale Rutherford 
b. 5/14/1964 Washington Co., IN
d. 11/14/1970 Washington Co., IN
burial: Crown Hill Cemetery, Salem, Washington Co., IN

--------8. Charles Rutherford [twin]
b. 1/18/1864 Washington Co., IN
d. 11/4/1936 Washington Co., IN
m. [1] Emma Meredith 1/3/1892 Washington Co., IN
b. 8/1872 IN

---------9. Etta Rutherford
b. 10/9/1892 Washington Co., IN
d. 1939
m. [1] Alfred Slaughter

--------8. Wesley M. Rutherford [twin]
b. 1/18/1864 Washington Co., IN
d. 1/24/1936 Washington Co., IN
burial: 1936 Mount Hebron Cemetery, Gibson Township, Washington Co., IN 
m. [1]  Sarah Elizabeth Sullivan 
b. 12/22/1867 in Gibson Township, Washington Co., IN
m. [2]  Henrietta Williams

---------9. Roy Rutherford

---------9. Elsie A. Rutherford 
b. 8/14/1885 Gibson Township, Washington Co., IN
d. 1/9/1968
m. [1]  11/23/1903 Lewis Bridgewater
m. [2] Jesse Enochs
m. [3] Roscoe McPike

---------9. Dellia May Rutherford 
b. 6/23/1889 Gibson Township, Washington Co., IN
d. 8/10/1979
m. [1] Charles Ridlen

---------9. James R. Rutherford
b. 2/14/1891 Gibson Township, Washington Co., IN
d. 12/26/1892 Gibson Township, Washington Co., IN

---------9. Zelia Margaret Rutherford 
b. 9/15/1892 Gibson Township, Washington Co., IN
d. 1/24/1945
m. [1] Clifford Merril Newby

--------8. Joseph Rutherford
b. 10/6/1866 Washington Co., IN
d. 7/12/1940 Washington Co., IN
burial: Crown Hill Cemetery, Salem, Washington Co., IN 
m. [1]  Eliza J. Deweese 10/2/1898

--------8. Martha J. "Mattie" Rutherford
b. 1869 Washington Co., IN
m. [1] George Charles 2/19/1894

--------8. Infant Rutherford 
burial: Posey Cemetery, Madison Township, Washington Co., IN

--------8. Hezekiah Hyatt Rutherford 
b. 12/13/1869 Washington Co., IN
d. 6/29/1871 Washington Co., IN
burial: Posey Cemetery, Madison Township, Washington Co., IN

-------7. James Rutherford 
b. abt 1830 Washington Co., IN
m. [1] Mary Evaline Hardin 
b. abt 1833

--------8. Evaline Rutherford 
b. 8/31/1832
d. 8/17/1834
burial: Posey Cemetery, Madison Township, Washington Co., IN
1 stone reads: "Rutherford, James -- Mary and Daughters Evaline -- Clara"

--------8. Sarah Evaline Rutherford
b. abt 1851

--------8. Zionia Mildrine Rutherford
b. abt 1854

--------8. James Mack Rutherford
b. abt 1855

--------8. William H. Rutherford 
b. abt 1859
gravestone reads:

William H.
Son of James & Mary Ed. Rutherford
d. sept. 22, 186(2?)
Aged 3 yrs. 2 mos. 29 d.

--------8. John Milton Rutherford 
--------8. Clara Rutherford 
--------8. Sanford Rutherford
--------8. Leona F. "Leora" Rutherford

gravestone reads:
Leora F.
Daughter of James & Mary Rutherford
d. Sept. 13, 185(8?)
1 yr. 8 mos. 17 D.

--------8. Alonzo P. Rutherford 
gravestone reads:
Son of James & Mary E. Rutherford                                                         
d. Oct. 28. 1862
aged 1 yr. 6 m. and 3 D.

--------8. Marcus Rutherford
--------8. Pearl Rutherford

-------7. Caroline Rutherford 
b. 4/5/1828
d. 6/27/1851
burial: Posey Cemetery, Madison Township, Washington Co., IN
m. [1] Samuel Colglazier 11/29/1849 

--------8. Ray Colglazier 
--------8. William Franklin Colglazier

-------7. Eveline Rutherford
b. ca 8/1832 
d. 8/17/1834
burial: Posey Cemetery, Madison Township, Washington Co., IN

gravestone reads:
Eveline daughter of Wm. & Anny Rutherford
d. Aug. 17, 1834
Aged 1 yr. 11 m. 17 d.

-------7. Infant Rutherford 
gravestone reads:
Infant Son of Wm. & Anny Rutherford
d. Mar. 1836

-------7.  Sarah C. Rutherford 
b. abt 1838
m. [1] William Hancock

-------7.  Matilda Rutherford 
d. bef. 1847 in Washington Co., IN
married Gordon Trinkle 4/23/1832 Washington Co. IN
Gordon Trinkle 
b. abt 1806 in Ohio
father: John Trinkle 
mother: Isabella Gordon 
b: in Ohio
m. [1]  Matilda Rutherford
children w/Matilda Rutherford:

--------8.  Caroline Trinkle b. abt 1835
--------8.  William Trinkle b. abt 1838
--------8.  John Trinkle b. abt 1842
--------8.  Louisa Trinkle b. abt 1840
--------8.  Anna C. Trinkle b. abt 1844

After Matilda Rutherford died, Gordon Trinkle remarried and left their children with his father-in-laws, William Rutherford and moved to Illinois. Later in about 1847 he married Elizabeth Garner in Marion, llinois. After William Rutherford's death, the guardianship was passed to Thomas Brittain who was appointed guardian of William, John, and Ann Trinkle, heirs of William Rutherford, 11/12/1857. The last record of Gordon Trinkle and Elizabeth Garner is in 1870 when they were living in Kinmundy, Marion Co., IL.

Gordon m. [2]  Elizabeth Garner 
b: 1819 in Wilson Co., Tennessee
children w/Elizabeth Garner:

--------8.  Franklin Trinkle b. abt 1848 in Illinois
--------8.  George Washington Trinkle b. abt 1850 in Illinois
--------8.  Susan "Josie" Trinkle b. abt 1853 in Illinois
--------8.  Mary E. "Nellie" Trinkle b. abt 1857 in Illinois
--------8.  Sarah Trinkle b. abt 1859 in Illinois

Sources: Title: 1870 Marion Co. IL Census
Text: 1870 when they were living in Kinmundy, Marion Co., IL. 

-------7.  Malinda Rutherford 
b. abt 1818
d. 1868
m. [1] John Guthrie 11/30/1852 in prob Orange Co. IN
b. 9/23/1823 in Orange Co. IN
both buried in Rigney-McIntosh Cemetery in Orange Co., IN

--------8. William Guthrie 
b. 1/20/1854 in Orange Co. IN
burial: in Rigney-McIntosh Cemetery in Orange Co., IN

[Sources: Washington Co., IN Historical Society]

-------7. Anna C. Rutherford
could be the same as Anna C. Trinkle 
b. abt 1844

Generation 17 - 7th Generation in America

-------7. [#17] William McKinney Rutherford 
b. 1/2/1824 Washington Co., IN
d. 3/22/1880  Marion Co., Iowa 
m. [1] Maranda Emaline Hagan 9/17/1848 Marion Co., Iowa
b. 10/3/1830 IN
d. 7/23/1907 Marion Co., Iowa 
William Rutherford and Maranda Hagan were married 3 weeks before Maranda's  18th birthday in Marion County, Iowa. William and Maranda, no doubt, knew each other from Indiana. William and Maranda were born near Salem, Indiana in Washington County and died in Attica, Marion County, Iowa. They are buried together at Indiana Chapel cemetery in Marion County, Iowa.

Maranda was the daughter of Julia Ann Phelps and Francis Hagan. Julia and Francis were married in 12/22/1829 in Washington Co., IN. After the death of Francis Hagan and their infant son from cholera, Julia Ann married Daniel Sherwood in 5/26/1831. Julia died before 1840. Daniel F. Sherwood married again to Louisa Harbough on March 2, 1840 in Harrison Co., IN and brought the family from Washington Co., IN to Marion County, Iowa in 1842. The Sherwoods had been neighbors of the Rutherfords and Trinkles in the area of Posey Township, Washington Co., IN. A close neighbor; Christopher Trinkle, had fought in the Revolutionary War in the Virginia Line with Francis' father Charles Hagan. Chris Trinkle's grandchildren by his grandson Gordon Trinkle & Matilda Rutherford moved in with William Rutherford Sr's family following her death. Adam Trinkle, another child of Chris Trinkle's, also married William's daughter Hannah Rutherford. 
Maranda Hagan was the grandaughter of Charles Hagan [1761-1839] and Savannah Hagan who came from Virginia to Indiana following the Revolution. Charles was a veteran of the Revolutionary War and fought from 1777 to 1780 in The Virginia Line - age 16 to 18. He was led by Colonel Grayson and Captain Francis Triplett. Charles and Savannah lived in Washington Co. IN and neighboring Jackson Co., IN. Charles was buried in Driftwood Cemetery, Jackson County, IN. Charles and Savannah Hagan had 10 children.

--------8.  Julia Ann Rutherford 12/1849 Marion Co., Iowa
husband Henry Bickford of Dallas, Iowa

--------8.  [#18] William Francis Rutherford
b. 5/4/1851 Attica, Marion Co., Iowa
d.12/14/1926 Mt. Pleasant, Iowa
burial: Highland Park Cemetery Kirksville, MO
m. [1]  Olive Jane Dunn
b. 9/21/1850 Highland Co.,Ohio
d. 9/16/1907 Kirksville, MO
burial: Highland Park Cemetery Kirksville, MO

--------8.  John T. Rutherford 
b. abt 1853 
resident of Hannibal, MO

--------8.  E.T. Rutherford [son] 
b. abt 1856 
resident of Knoxville, Iowa

--------8.  Lizza Rutherford b. abt 1858
husband Dr. C.F. Elrod of Chariton, Iowa

--------8.  Aretta Rutherford
husband J.M. Rowland 
resident of Knoxville, Iowa

--------8.  P.H. Rutherford
resident of Hannibal, MO

--------8.  Addie Rutherford
m. [1] John Bates of Kansas

--------8.  D.S. Rutherford
resident of Columbia, Iowa

--------8.  unknown Rutherford child 

Generation 18 - 8th Generation in America

--------8. [#18] William Francis Rutherford
b. 5/4/1851 Attica, Marion Co., Iowa
d. 12/14/1926 Mt. Pleasant, Iowa
burial: Highland Park Cemetery Kirksville, MO
Great Grandpa Rutherford spent the last 2 months of his life in a hospital  [admitted 10/4/1926] . His diagnosis was senile psychosis; simple deterioration.
Cause of death: diarrhea and eneritis
burial: Highland Park Cemetery Kirksville, MO
William Francis Rutherford worked as a teacher, a merchant and a farmer.

Highland Park Cemetery
Rr 4 Box 63
Kirksville, MO  63501
(660) 665-9571

m. [1] Olive Jane Dunn
b. 9/21/1850 Highland Co.,Ohio
d. 9/16/1907 Kirksville, MO

Olive Jane Dunn was the daughter of Samuel Ayers Dunn 1/15/1820 - 8/14/1862. Samuel Dunn's parents were James b. abt 1790 - d. 1/25/1849] and Mary Dunn b. abt 1789 - d. 1/19/1847. Samuel was 1 of 5 known children; Mary Ann [b. abt 1816, Phebe H. d. 9/7/1837, David and Martha Lucy Smith 6/10/1825 - 1/13/1901. Lucy Smith's 2nd husband was William Kibler 10/23/1814 - 7/9/1908 Lucy's parents were Walter and Rachel Smith of Highland County, Ohio.

---------9. Ora Zelpha Rutherford
b. 4/17/1877 Gosport Iowa, Marion Co.
d. 12/17/1950 Kennewick,WA
buried with Uncle Earl and Grandpa Albert Rutherford 
Riverview Heights Cemetery - Kennewick, WA
m. [1] Earl Phylander Story
b. 7/16/1882 Wichita, Kansas
d. 5/5/1949 Kennewick, WA

---------9.  Corda May Rutherford [twin]
b. 9/16/1879 Gosport Iowa, Marion Co.
d. 3/15/1952 Hunnewell, MO
husband Benona Hatton Jr.
b. Dec. 29, 1878 Marion County Missouri, USA
d. May 6, 1945 Monroe County Missouri, USA
married after 9/5/1916 

---------9.  Bertha Lucy Rutherford [twin]
b. 9/16/1879 Gosport Iowa, Marion Co.
d. 8/16/1962 Centerville, Iowa - Appanoose
burial: Highland Park Cemetery Kirksville, MO
husband Carl Todd Kirby Sr
Carl married Bertha Rutherford on January 24, 1906, at Adair County, Missouri.
b. 5/23/1882 Ringold Co., Iowa
d. Dec. 2, 1918 Melcher Iowa, Marion Co.
buried with Aunt Bertha in Highland Park Cemetery Kirksville, MO


----------10. Olive Marie Kirby 
b. 12/3/1906
m. [1] Murel Alva Morgan 11/2/1929

----------10. Ruby Ethel Kirby
b. 10/26/1908
m. [1] George Wm. VerSteeg - 3/22/1935
m. [2] Oscar Floy Hobart - 9/11/1971

The Oscar Hobart family of Centerville, Iowa was well represented in the military during World War II. Five Hobart sons were in various branches of the military. The father, Oscar Hobart Sr., was too old to join the fighting forces. So he enlisted in the Iowa State Guard and worked his way up from private to second lieutenant while continuing to work at the Centerville Iowegian as a linotype operator. The sons and the branches of service were: James, Army; Carl, Army Air Corps; Robert, Army Engineers Corps; Oscar Jr., Navy Air Corps, and Howard, Navy. Carl Hobart was killed June 22, 1944, while flying his 50th mission as part of a B-24 bomber crew over Bologna, Italy. Still surviving today and living in Centerville are Oscar Jr. and Robert. This information is provided by Phil Hobart of Cedar Rapids, grandson of Oscar Hobart Sr., and son of Robert Hobart.

----------10. Opal Beatrice Kirby
b. 4/13/1910
d. 12/6/1921

----------10. Karl B. Kirby Jr.
b. 9/19/1914
d. 9/29/1914

----------10. Donald Francis Kirby
b. 11/26/1915
m. [1] Thelma Kastner 1935
m. [2] Effie Stanton

----------10. Ruth Helen Kirby
b. 11/26/1917
m. [1] LeRoy Wm. Gilbert - 10/1/1938

---------9.  Loa Rutherford
b. 1881 Marion Co., Iowa
d. 1888 Albia, Iowa
burial: Deer Creek, Iowa

---------9.  Edward Walter Rutherford
b. 9/24/1882 Marion Co., Iowa
d. 12/22/1953 Melcher, Iowa
burial: Melcher-Dallas Cemetery, Iowa
m. [1]  Artie L. Elliott Dec. 13, 1905
b. 9/20/1881 Marion co., Iowa
d. 3/6/1976
d/o Samantha and Hamlin Elliott 
They resided at Dallas and later moved to Des Moines, Iowa.  
Both are buried at Dallas cemetery, Marion co., Iowa.

----------10. Olive Ann Rutherford
b. 5/13/1914 Dallas, Iowa

---------9.  Olive Anna Rutherford
b. 1883 Marion Co., Iowa
d. 1884 Marion Co., Iowa
burial: Gosport, Iowa

---------9.  Elizabeth "Beth" Grace Rutherford
b. 3/10/1884 Gosport, Marion Co., Iowa
d. 5/19/1976 San Diego, CA
"James Herbert McKinney of Brookfield, MO married Elizabeth Rutherford of Kirksville, MO 7/7/1915" - Adair County Recorders office Book 1 page 554
burial: Cypress View Mausoleum, San Diego, CA
m. [1] James Herbert McKinney 7/7/1915 Adair Co., MO
b. 5/9/1882 Brookfield, MO
d. 8/9/1953 San Diego, CA
burial: Cypress View Mausoleum, San Diego, CA

The old scrapbooks at the library were compiled by Greenwood Mortuary 1930 to 1990, some years missing. They are the DEATH and FUNERAL NOTICES from the SD Union submitted by the various mortuaries...I guess Greenwood wanted to keep a record of the competition! All of them have some kind of check mark on them and many, many of the scrapbooks are worn and fragile. Rarely can I get a good photocopy.

UT Aug 10 and 11, 1953:
McKinney, James H. Husband of Beth McKinney. Brother of Molly Pugh, Ralph McKinney, Laura Pace. Services Wednesday 4 pm Benbough Downtown Chapel. Entombment Cypress View Mausoleum.

UT April 22, 1976:
McKinney, Elizabeth G. Services Sat 10 am Benbough Mortuary. Entombment Cypress View Mortuary.

Quite short...these notices can be in addition to an obituary which would contain more biographical information. These found in the filmed SD Union on file at the SD Public Library.

SD City Directory for 1952:
McKinney, Jas H. (Beth) lawyer 625 Bway R [room] 1230 h 1421 W. Vine.

---------9.  Frank D. Rutherford
b. 12/13/1886 Bellaire, Smith Co., Kansas
d. 6/6/1969 Hastings, Adams Co., Nebraska
burial: Cedar Hill Cemetery, Cora, Kansas
m. [1] Vinal Mae Phifer 11/24/1915 Cora Church Parsonage - Cora, Kansas
b. 8/24/1897 Cora, Smith Co., Kansas
d. 10/13/1998 Hastings, NE

----------10. Frank Lyle Rutherford
b. 8/20/1916 Hunnewell, MO
d. 7/26/1933 Smith Center, KS
cause: drowning
burial: Cedar Hill Cemetery - Cora, KS

----------10. John Glenn Rutherford
b. 6/4/1920 Smith Center, KS
wife[1]: Mary Dawson 6/25/1942 
b. 12/1/1923 Dover, Ohio
m [2]: Wilma

----------10. Verlyn Lee Rutherford
b. 6/25/1922 Womer, KS
d. 2/19/1943 Oklahoma City, OK
cause: hit by a truck while surveying a new military installation
burial: Carroll's Private Cemetery - Sheridan, WY
m. [1] Beatrice Carroll 10/8/1941
d/o Granville W. Carroll and Alta M. Wallace
1st marriage to Glen Blackburn
12/23/1974 Twin Falls, ID

----------10. Velda Jane Rutherford
b. 1/15/1924 Womer, KS
d. 1/30/1953 Kearney, NE
cause: complication from TB
burial: Cedar Hill Cemetery - Cora, KS
husband [1]: John Sullivan 7/1940
husband [2]: John Moore

----------10. Dale Lavon Rutherford
b. 1/25/1927 Womer, KS
d. 12/1/1988 Grand Island, NE - Veteran's Hospital
cause: cancer
burial: Cedar Hill Cemetery - Cora, KS
wife [1]: Virginia Maxime Sherrill 11/25/1950 [divorced]
b. 2/15/1923 Ft. Laramie, WY
m. [2] Margaret

----------10. Melba Jean Rutherford
b. 4/20/1928 Inavale, NE
m. [1] Eugene Jacob Messing 5/11/1948 Hastings, NE
b. 2/25/1927 Fullerton, NE
s/o Bernard "Ben" Vincent Messing of Shelby, NE
and Elizabeth Rose Birkel of David City, NE

----------10. Donald Dean Rutherford
b. 5/9/1931 Smith Center, KS
m. [1]  Bonnie Bee Nelson 12/19/1954 Hastings, NE 
b. 12/1/1937 Omaha, NE
m. [2]  Lois Elizabeth Kleier Berlie
m. [3] Betty

----------10. Richard Riley Rutherford
b. 3/29/1936 Torrington, WY
m. [1] Alberta Patricia Sawicki 11/24/1956 Grand Island, NE
b. 7/12/1937 St.Paul, NE
d/o Edward Sawicki and Isabelle Curtis

---------9.  Albert Loyd Rutherford
b. 10/2/1890 - Knoxville, Iowa
d. 12/17/1955 - Walla Walla, WA
wife [1]: Bernice Ring
b. 1902 Minneapolis, Minnesota
wife [2]: Jessie Comstock
b. Lake Oswego, Oregon

Generation 19 - 9th Generation in America

---------9. [#19] Albert Loyd Rutherford
b. 10/2/1890 - Attica, IA
birth registry - Marion Co., Knoxville, IA
d. 12/17/1955 - Walla Walla, WA
father: William Francis Rutherford
mother: Olive Dunn
military service: US Army - WW I
#3125148 - Honorable Discharge - 5/26/1919
discharged at: Fort D.A. Russell, Wyoming
rank: Sergeant
stationed at: Camp Lewis, American Lake, WA
d. 12/17/1955 - Veteran's Hospital, Walla Walla, WA
Dr. P. Seigel attending
cause of death: heart attack
age: 65 years, 2 months and 15 days
funeral services: 1st Christian Church, Kennewick, WA
Pastor: Rev. Virgil Halbig - 2:00pm Chapel
burial: Riverview Heights Cemetery
1200 S. Olympia St - Kennewick, WA
grave 10, lot 21, block 6
date of burial: Tuesday - 12/20/1955
Crokerly and Groseclose Funeral Home - Walla Walla, WA
Mueller Funeral Home - Kennewick, WA

daughter - Mrs. Betty Rutherford Harding
grandson - Gary Rutherford Harding
brother - Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rutherford
sister - Mrs. Elizabeth Rutherford McKinney
sister - Mrs. Bertha Rutherford Kirby

m. [1] Bernice Ring
b. 1902 Minneapolis, Minnesota
m. [2] Jessie Comstock
b. Portland, Oregon [Lake Oswego]


----------10. [#20] Richard Horner - stepson
b. 1921 Minneapolis, Minnesota
d. 7/8/67 Merced, CA

----------10. [#20] Ora Bernice Rutherford
b. 9/13/1923 - Inglewood, California
d. 2/21/1937 - Pasco, WA

----------10. [#20] Betty Jeanné Rutherford
b. 2/12/1928 - Bakersfield, CA
d. 6/7/2002 - San Diego, CA

Generation 20 - 10th Generation in America

----------10. [#20] Betty Jeanné Rutherford
b. 2/12/1928 - Bakersfield, CA
d. 6/7/2002 San Diego, CA
m. [1]  Arthur Raymond Wiegand
m. [2]  Herman Harold Harding
m. [3]  Harvey Eugene Keating

February 12, 1928 - June 7,  2002   

Betty Rutherford Keating, 74 of San Diego, CA died Friday June 7th. Mrs. Keating was born in Bakersfield, CA, she was the daughter of Albert Loyd Rutherford and Bernice Ring Rutherford. During the early years of the great depression, Mrs. Keating moved to Goshen County, Wyoming to live with her aunt and uncle, Earl P. Story and Ora Rutherford Story. Her uncle had homesteaded in the territory of Wyoming from the year 1910. Mr. Story raised horses and Ora Rutherford Story was the local one-room school teacher. In the late 1930's, Mrs. Keating moved with her aunt and uncle to Kennewick, Washington where she graduated valedictorian of Kennewick High School's class of 1946. 

Mrs. Keating married Arthur Raymond Wiegand on Sept 7th, 1947 in Kennewick, WA. She was divorced on June 24th, 1954 and had one child by this marriage, Gary Rutherford Wiegand.

Mrs. Keating married Herman Harold Harding on February 20th, 1955 in Kennewick, WA.. She raised Mr. Harding's children as her own and by means of a reciprocal adoption the entire family took the name of Harding. She was widowed on December 2nd, 1965 when Mr. Harding died of a cardiac arrest at the age of 41. 

During this time, Mrs. Keating was the Director of Services for the American Red Cross at the Veteran's Hospital in Vancouver, WA. At a 1967 White House reception, she was honored for her work with the American Red Cross by President Lyndon B. Johnson.

Betty married Harvey Keating on April 9th, 1977 in the Old Governor's Mansion in Sacramento, CA. Mr. and Mrs. Keating had just celebrated their silver anniversary this past April. Mrs. Keating was an active member of the Grossmount Hospital Auxiliary for the past 10 years. 

Survivors include her husband, Harvey E. Keating and children:

Gary Rutherford Harding - Seattle, WA
Dennis Harding - Vancouver, WA
Roxanne  Kuramoto - Pleasanton, CA
Linda Prohaska - Jacksonville, FL
Brian Keating - San  Carlos, CA
Kimberly Smith - Ridgecrest, CA
Plus 11 grandchildren and 2 great grand daughters. 
Interment was on August 14th, 2002 at the Riverview Heights Cemetery in Kennewick, WA. 

-----------11. [#21] Gary Rutherford Harding
b. 12/23/48 - Pasco, WA

Generation 21 - 11th Generation in America

-----------11. [#21] Gary Rutherford Harding 
Gary Harding received a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education in 1972 and in 1975 a Master of Arts in Music from Washington State University. Between the years of 1975 and 1978 he did post-graduate studies in cultural anthropology focusing his studies on Brazilian and Cuban ethnomusicology. His field studies were conducted in Abeokuta, Nigeria and São Paulo, Brazil. In 1978 Gary moved to Seattle, Washington and became the musical director of Batucada Yemanjá and a consultant/instructor with the Seattle Public Schools in ethnic music. Gary moved to São Paulo, Brazil in 1983 and was a member of Escola de Samba Ocara Clube and Ogan Alabé for Ilê Iansã de 'Ngola. From 1986 to the present he has worked as an instructor for the Heritage Institute of Antioch University in Seattle, Washington, as well as, a music specialist for the Seattle Public Schools.